Where do you stand on the "not real" scale?

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Ready to find out where you stand on the scale?

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    First of all, what is your favorite color?
    Well it depends.. favorite color to wear or favorite color to look at?
    This has nothing to do with this question. I refuse to answer this stupid shit.
    Fucking rainbow or some shit. I like it allll baby.
    Um I'm fine with every color..
    Is this relevant? eh well I guess Blue. Who doesn't like blue?
  • 2
    What is your favorite animal?
    Again with the irrelevant questions.. NEXT.
    Aww obviously a puppy! I looove puppies.
    I like cats and dogs. They're cute!
    Well I like all animals, but I personally would be an owl.
    My spirit animal is a penguin. They're such a great species.
  • 3
    Do you read books?
    Depends on what it is. I like a specific genre.
    Yeah I do.. I don't particularly enjoy reading them though. I read books for class and stuff.
    Yeah I read books! They're fun!
    Oh yeah! But I mean we all read books. The question is if we do it for fun or not.
    Yeah of course but only the ones with information that will help me.
  • 4
    Is there a god?
    I believe there is. I mean.. I think so. Yeah there is.. probably.
    I'm Buddhist.
    Nah man. I mean not really. I haven't really looked into it yet.
    Fuck that.
    Well here's the thing..... (rambles about religion)
  • 5
    You just started college and your roommate leaves garbage on the floor. Like... all the time. literally. How do you react?
    I would tell them right away that they need to clean their shit up because I don't want to be living in a garbage can.
    I'll tell them to clean their mess up. no biggie.
    I'll probably tell them nicely and maybe they won't do it again!
    I'll tell them to clean their shit up. It's like getting pretty messy up in here bro.
    I'll just tell them to throw out their trash because we'll get bugs. They wouldn't want to be sleeping with bugs would they?
  • 6
    Your roommate is mad that you've told your friends that he/she hasn't been cleaning..
    You notice them giving you dirty looks from the other side of the room. What do you do?
    Pat them on the back and tell them you're sorry and that you love them.
    Tell them you're sorry about what you did but explain that you only did that because you were frustrated about the cleaning situation.
    Tell them you are sorry and ask them if they are bothered by anything else I do.
    Well It's not like I was lying. I'm the one that's mad here. Not them.
    Go up to them and tell them you're sorry. Offer a chocolate bar.
  • 7
    A few weeks later, you find out that you're roommate was talking bad about you and spreading rumors to the other floormates..
    What do you do?
    Well fuck them. I'd tell them I'm disappointed in their choices and act completely normal. Whatever. They have some unresolved inner issues with me that I don't know about. And they don't want to tell me. Fuck that.
    I'd ask them directly why the fuck they would do that.
    I'd be pissed obviously. It would turn into a fight. most likely
    I'd get hurt and probably wouldn't confront them.. I'd tell all my friends what a horrible person my roommate is though. At least they're on my side.
    I would tell all my friends and not talk to them until they prove their worthiness to me again.
  • 8
    Where do you think you would stand on the "not real" scale?
    I'm the most realist person out there. "first things first, I'm the realist.." (hums to self)
    Real.. yeah. real definitely.
    I don't think I'm real.
    Um not sure. I have my moments.
  • 9
    How do you rate your emotional waves from 1-5?
    (1 being "calm" 5 being "storms")
    1 is impossible. i'd say a 2?
    5 can't happen. but I swear i'm a 5 sometimes.
    1. It's possible. and it's me. me. me.
  • 10
    Rate your love life.
    (1 being "nonexistent" 5 being "pimpin")
    5. I'm hot. They all want me. But they'll have to wait. I don't know who to pick first..
    Uhh I would say a 2? I try but... it doesn't always end well..
    I obviously don't really have much of a love life. a 1 or 1 1/2 or something like that.
    I don't really need/want one atm.. so a 1. But if I tried... it'd be a 4 or 5. Most likely a 4. I don't wanna be "pimpin".
    Uh a 3. I'm okay.
  • 11
    When do you think you will die?
    I'll probably die mid forties. I don't know how and I don't know why but it's a gut feeling.
    Hopefully not too early. But definitely not too long. I want to live my life. Idk.. like... 75-80?
    It'll happen. When I'm ready to die. Which is never.
    Whenever I was destined to die. I don't know.
    I hopefully live long.. I want to see my grandchildren go through high school!
  • 12
    Do you take risks?
    Only if I'm bored or if it would help me in the long run. I want to have fun but I don't really plan on dying atm.
    Eh I do when I want to. But I don't want to.. I DON'T want to.
    It's exciting! WooooooHoooo
    Sure it's great and all but what am I risking?
    Yeah it's fun! But not too often.. only when I feel like it...
  • 13
    What's your favorite swear word?
    It's bitch. It's so..fun to say.
    I don't really think about that.. hmm.. interesting. well if I had to pick one... it'd be ass.
    Fuck you. (laughs to self for being cool)
    Shit. It's shit. fucking shit.
    Haha It would probably be fuck or shit.
  • 14
    How was the quiz?
    It was okay. But when is it over?
    I don't really know what any of these questions have anything to do with the actual topic of "not real" but it was cool.
    I don't know why I decided to take this. It only gets more stupid. It's a complete waste of time and I have more important things to do. But when am I getting the results?
    Great! I had a lot of fun taking it!
    It was good! I'm excited for the results!

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