What Warrior Cat Clan are you in?

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Have you ever wondered what warrior clan you're in? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    What do you like to do with your free time?
    Hunt and be with my clanmates!
    Run and feel the breeze in my fur!
    Swim in the river!
    Fighting and Ambushes! Also winning battles.
  • 2
    You're on your own and you see a patrol from another clan on your territory. What do you do?
    Fight them off!
    Ask them calmly what they're doing on your territory
    Try to blend in with your surroundings so you can get back to camp to camp without them noticing to get help
    Run! Warn everyone at camp!
  • 3
    Choice of prey?
  • 4
    You're going to attack another clan! What's your plan?
    Use my speed to overwhelm them!
    Use different battle tactics!
    Attack from water!
  • 5
    Another clan is attacking you! Both the deputy and an expecting Queen are in trouble... Who do you help?
    The Queen! Then help the deputy!
    The Queen! And defend her for the rest of the battle! Just in case...
    The Deputy!
    I have to keep fighting!
  • 6
    Which clan do you dislike the most?
    None! But... If that's not an option... Shadowclan
  • 7
    Do you want to be the leader?
    Well, maybe... I guess...
    Doesn't really matter to me, but it'd be cool.
  • 8
    Which names do you like best? ((Took these names from the warrior RPs I do with my friends:3 and the names are from different clans... not Windclan though))
  • 9
    A strange cat has came into your territory and asked you to go with them out of clan territory to show you something important. What do you say?
    "Well... I... I've gotta go!" *Dashes to camp*
    "I'll try to come, but I have to ask my leader first and try to bring a patrol."
    "Get out of my territory!"
    "I need more details."
  • 10
    How did you die?
    Saving my clanmates
    Died in battle
    Fox trap

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