What Is Your Warrior cat Name and Personality

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  • 1
    What do you think your Personality is?
    Understanding, sometimes you can be harsh
    Loyal and brave
    Serious, you like to have fun every now and then
    Kind, you love to help
    Loving and sweet
  • 2
    What position in the clan would you want?
    Medicine cat
  • 3
    Out of these, which fur color is your favorite?
    Black Tabby
    Light brown
    Gray and black
  • 4
    (In real Life) It's Saturday and you are free all day, what do you do?
    Read and help people if needed
    Decide what to do with friends and have them over
    Play with your little(like 1-6 years old) cousin/sister/brother. (If you don't have one, pretend you do)
    Rest, go outside some
    Plan out Saturday the night before
  • 5
    How are you liking the quiz so far?
    It's decent
    It's ok, just like every quiz
    Ugh, it's not over yet?
    I like it, more questions please
    I love it!
  • 6
    Your friend from another clan crosses the border, what do you do?
    My friend is a medicine cat, ask if (s)he needs to talk to the medicine cat or leader
    I don't have friends in other clans!
    Tell them to leave and there won't be a problem
    Growl and chase them back over the border
    Attack them with claws sheathed just enough to scare them off
  • 7
    Do you have a mate or kits?
    Yes and yes, I love my mate and kits very much
    No and never
    Yes, (s)he is amazing. She/I'm expecting kits
    No, I can't have a mate. (Medicine cat)
    I have a mate and we love each other just as every other couple, we do not have kits
  • 8
    Your leader, mate, and kits are surrounded by enemy's, you can only save one, who do you save?
    Kits! they have their whole life ahead of them!
    That's a hard choice, but our clan needs our leader, so leader
    I can't choose!
    Leader! I think........
    I will figure out how to save them all! (that's not possible) oh, then mate
  • 9
    You love someone from another clan, what do you do?
    I must be loyal! Stop loving and meeting them all together
    Meet them every other day
    Don't stop loving them, just meet at gatherings.
    Let them go, it HAS to be done
    Love them deep in my heart, but don't meet them any more
  • 10
    Did you enjoy my Quiz?
    Yeah, it was interesting
    Of course!
    Eh, it was ok
    I guess

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