Could he be your high-school sweetheart?

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Yes, that guy you know at school... Yes, I mean the one you've got a crush on... The one who makes your heart race... Well... is he your guy?

  • 1
    Are you and the guy in question in the same year/grade at school?
    No - I'm in a lower year/grade.
    Not applicable...
    No - I'm in a higher year/grade.
  • 2
    Are you and the guy in question the same age?
    No - I'm older.
    No - I'm younger.
    I'm not sure of his age or otherwise not applicable.
  • 3
    Presuming you are in the same grade/year, do you do many of the same subjects together? If you're not in the same grade/year, do you have any interests you share?
    This is not really applicable to my situation...
    Yes...We do a few subjects together/we share a few interests I know of.
    Yes, we do about more than half of our subjects together/we share many interests.
    No, I do one or no subjects with him/I don't know of any interests we share.
  • 4
    Are you 'casual friends'? Example: (if you talk)... Does he say, "hi" and maybe you both chat occasionally about trivial/schoolwork related things?
    No! Not applicable/can't say/none seem right...
    Yes, this example above sounds about right. I guess we're casual friends...
    No - about the most we've EVER said was "hi"! I wouldn't even call us 'casual friends'.
    No - because we have more in-depth conversations. He's certainly a friend!
  • 5
    How would you rate this guy - out of 10?
    That is 0 being really horrible and 10 being your dream guy - he couldn't get any better!
    I'd rate him 8, 9 or 10!
    I'd give him less than 3...
    I'd give him between 4 and 7.
    For some weird reason, I can't answer this one...
  • 6
    Is he well-known in the school for being intelligent/hardworking and maybe a bit of a nerd...?
    Yes - he's definitely nerdy alright!
    I dunno, actually... Or maybe I can't answer this one...
    I guess he's just the average guy in terms of academic stuff... He does ok.
    No - He's well known, but for a totally different reason!
  • 7
    Do you think your and his personalities seem complimentary? Do you share enough similar interests or mannerisms? Do you think you guys would make a good pair?
    Um... Actually no to almost all of them.
    Yes to all of the above!
    Not applicable to my situation...
    Yeah I guess it's 'yes' to most.
  • 8
    Is he popular amongst the students at school?
    Can't answer this one... Ahaha...
    Not really, he's only got a couple of friends, or maybe, he's a loner.
    Well, he's got a fair few friends, so...
    Yes! He's Mr Most Popular!
  • 9
    Why do you like him and/or have a crush on him? Just pick the closest answer.
    Well, he's very smart! And..Sure, he looks good too...: D
    It's all about the looks! He's a really handsome guy! Yeah, we might have some stuff in common.
    He's got the looks, he's intelligent, he's friendly, we share interests and he's just my style!
    We share many interests. It's more about that. Well, that he gets good grades and looks good might have something to do with it too...
  • 10
    Is there anything you can foresee which would hinder this relationship? For example: does he already have a girlfriend?
    Nothing foreseeable that would stop us getting together!
    I can't answer... lol. I have no idea!
    Yes, there are some issues which will stop us getting together - for the time-being anyway...:-(
    There may be a few small problems, but we should hopefully get over them.

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