Does he/she like you?

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This quiz will determine whether that cute person that sits a few desks away from you at class has feelings for you too. The results are pretty accurate but don't get too overwhelmed by it.

  • 1
    Are you friends with this person?
    Kind of
    Not sure
  • 2
    Do you have feelings for this person?
    Not sure
    Kind of
  • 3
    Do you catch that person staring at you?
    No, but I have the feeling they are
  • 4
    Does this person hang out with you/chat with you a lot?
    No, we're not friends and we don't chat at all
    Yes, they always hang out with me and talk to me
    Yes, we do hang out and chat but not all the time
    No, we're not really friends but we sometimes chat
  • 5
    Has these person's friends tease him/her when you are around?
    No, they never tease them
    Yes, but not all the time
    Yes, they always do
    No, I don't know her/his friends
  • 6
    When he/she listens to you, where do they focus on?
    They look down at the ground
    They listen and look into my eyes, sometimes smiling
    We don't talk
    They usually interrupt
  • 7
    Has this person done good to you?
    Yes, they always give a positive effect to my life
    No, they give a negative effect to my life
    We have not yet made such progress of a friendship
    Yes, they've done it a few times
  • 8
    Has this person introduced you to people that are important to them?
    No, we don't talk
    Yes, close/best/old friends, family members, etc...
    Yes, but only a few of them
    No, I never met anyone important to him/her
  • 9
    Does he/she laugh at all your jokes- even the worse ones?
    Yes, all the time!
    No, she/he doesn't quite understand them/find them humorous
    Yes, but not all the time.
    No, we don't talk
  • 10
    Has this person complimented you?
    Yes, they always give nice compliments that make me smile
    No, we don't talk
    Yes, they have complimented me a few times
    No, they don't really compliment me
  • 11
    Is this person a friendly, popular person?
    Yes, friendly but not popular
    Yes, popular but not friendly
    Yes, very popular and friendly
  • 12
    Do you think they like you?
    Yes, I very much do
    Not very sure about that, that is why I am taking this quiz
    No, but I'd like to see if this quiz can prove me wrong
  • 13
    If you are friends, have THEY given you their number/social media account username?
    Yes, I have gotten their number and/or social media account username
    Yes, but we don't talk much
    No, we are not friends
    No, their friends gave it to me
  • 14
    Do you like this person and does this person know of it?
    Yes, I do like this person and they do know
    No, I don't like this and they do know
    No, I don't like this person and they do not know
    Yes, I do like this person but they do not know
  • 15
    For how long do you think this person has started doing all these things that have been asked in this quiz?
    For weeks
    For months
    A couple of days
    Just today

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