Does he like you?

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If you answer the questions honestly, this quiz may uncover how he really feels. If you don't... who knows.

  • 1
    Do you talk often?
    No, never.
    We say hi when we pass each other.
    Only during classes.
  • 2
    When you talk, what kind of conversations do you have?
    Just light and friendly chats (e.g. the weather was nice today, how's your assignment going?)
    Sexual (we only talk about ... hmm)
    Deep and meaningful (you talk about all of your problems)
    Long conversations (we talk about anything and everything)
    We don't talk at all.
  • 3
    Do you touch? How so?
    No. I've never even brushed his arm!
    Yes, we hug hello and goodbye.
    He raped me! (No, rape is not a joke but I felt like I needed another question)
    Almost intimately (e.g. you sit very close, he plays with your hair etc.)
    Just casually (e.g. high fives and pats on the back)
  • 4
    Is he open with you?
    He told me to fuck off.
    He will answer anything I ask with ease.
    Does he change the subject when he doesn't like a topic or question?
    He will answer anything, but blushes and fidgets sometimes.
    Does he avert eye contact when things get awkward?
  • 5
    Do you think he likes you?
    I have an inkling.
    Definitely! He wrote a book about his love for me!
    I'm not sure.
  • 6
    Have you asked him if he likes you? (In an intimate way). If yes, how did he react?
    He blushed and stuttered before changing the topic.
    He said he didn't but I don't believe him.
    He laughed in my face.
    He admitted it.
    He said he didn't and I think he was telling the truth.
  • 7
    Hypothetically, if he had you alone and could do anything he liked with you, what do you think it would be? (If you are brave enough you can actually ask him this question!)
    He would play video games with me.
    He would make love to me.
    He would yell abuse at me and make me leave.
    He would kiss me.
    He would start messing around and just having fun.
  • 8
    Body language can be a helpful factor in figuring out how he feels. Tick the box which applies.
    B. He always tries to get closer to you.
    A. He avoids you.
    D. He takes every opportunity to sit next to you.
    B, C and D.
    C. When in class or in a group his body is always slightly turned toward you.
  • 9
    How do his friends act when you are around them.
    A and B.
    A. They smile and raise their eyebrows at him.
    C. They frown and screw up their noses in disgust.
    B. The elbow and nudge him.
    D. They act like they always do.
  • 10
    This question does not affect the results, but do you like him?
    He's like a brother to me! I could never.
    I'm still figuring that out.
    Oh my god I'm head over heels for that boy. I'm madly in love.
  • 11
    Does he keep suggesting/ bringing up one of the following?
    A possible relationship between the two of you.
    None of the above.
    Tony Abbott (or some other horrible politician relevent to where you live.)
    That you should do something this weekend!... Alone... In his bed.
  • 12
    Another irrelevant question! (This doesn't contribute to the results at all). But, who is your favourite superhero!
    Black Widow
    Paul Walker (because yes, he really was that great).
  • 13
    If all else fails and you feel comfortable, ask him who he likes! Or get someone else to ask him and report back to you... hehe.
    Since the above was a statement and not a question....
    Without making any difference...
    Paul Walker is f*cking amazing!
    You can select any answer...
    To your results
  • 14
    Have you kissed?
    Yeahhhhh.... wont be doing that again.
    Yes, and we both enjoyed it.
    Uh, no.
    Yep. And we still do!
    Does a high five count?...
  • 15
    What did you think of this quiz? (Once again the answers are irrelevant to you score:) )
    It was ridiculous but interesting/ fun.
    My brain is gonna explode.
    What are you on! ( can I have some?)
    It was helpful.
    I am a robot. Robots do not have opinions... *slowly turns head creepily*

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