Does she like you? (Most accurate for school age boys 12-16)

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Have you been wondering if your crush feels the same way as you?

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    What is her initial reaction upon seeing you?
    Sometimes she sees me and acknowledges me, sometimes not
    She blushes/ giggles/ smiles and says hi flirtily
    She blushes and looks away deliberately/ says hi
    She doesn't even notice me:(
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    The last time you two talked, how did your conversation come about?
    I went up to her and initiated the conversation. She responded, but didn't look thrilled.
    She talked to me first, and was very friendly.
    I initiated, but she was friendly and interested in what I was saying.
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    When you're talking, what does she do?
    WE. DON'T. TALK. -_-
    She looks into my eyes, and one time she blushed a little bit....:)
    She bites her lip, twirls her hair, blushes, the works.
    She listens, but sometimes look disinterested/ doesn't make eye contact.
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    When you talk to her or she's aware of your presence, which direction to her feet point?
    She's never aware of me. But if she was, I don't know.
    They're always pointed straight at me.... she's practically in my lap!
    They're usually pointed slightly towards me.
    It depends, they're mostly just pointed straight ahead, I guess. She doesn't really react to my presence that much.
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    How does she react when she sees you talking to another girl?
    If that girl's her friend, she'll sometimes smile or join in. But if the girl isn't (especially if she's attractive!) she looks away or looks a bit hurt.
    She doesn't even notice:(
    She doesn't seem to mind or react to it, but she does sometimes notice.
    She glares or comes up and interrupts our conversation.
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    How do her friends act around her when they see you?
    They don't notice me, either. I'm waaayyy below them on the school's food chain.:(
    Sometimes they laugh, or look at her pointedly.
    They elbow her, giggle, and sometimes try to make us talk to each other.
    They seem friendly enough, although don't say anything different to me then to other guys.
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    Does she talk to/text you?
    She talks to me pretty regularly and sometimes texts me, but not often/she or I can't text
    NEITHER. Like I've said, she barely even knows that I exist!
    She doesn't go out of her way to talk to me, and I don't have her number.
    Yes, both, all the time <3
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    Does she ever seem to purposely show off her talents/ get you to overhear her conversations with friends?
    NO. FOR THE LAST TIME (Me: Honey, this is not doing anything for your score...)
    All the time, man. She shows off for me all the time/ talks loudly when she sees me approaching.
    Well, I've overheard her talking once or twice.... and she's very talented:)
    Yes, sometimes she seems to be trying to catch my attention. And yes, she does show off to me sometimes...
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    Does she express any interest in you and your family/ interests?
    Yes, sometimes she'll start a conversation by asking how I'm doing or asking about one of my interests
    ALL THE TIME! She tells me a lot about herself, as well.
    Not really, sometimes she'll ask questions about me, but it's just because I already asked her something and she's being polite.
    No, we don't even talk, like I've said.
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    Does she compliment you? If so, how?
    Sometimes, but not in an incredibly flirty way. It seems genuine and is usually about a project/achievement
    No:( I wish....
    Not really, one time she said she liked my project.
    Yes, she always says she loves my appearance and tells me how smart I am:)

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