Which Hogwarts house am I in?

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Ever wondered where you belonged in Hogwarts? Or are you not really meant for the wizarding world?

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    Welcome to my quiz: D Okay so imagine you could choose who you want to marry. What do you look for?
    Someone brave and impressive or protective of you in a cute way
    Someone who will show you off to others.
    Someone kind, loyal and truly loves you
    I don't know! Why this question?
    Someone full of witty responses and intelligence (such things impress you)
  • 2
    If a man drops his wallet without noticing, you will...
    Return the wallet because you know it will benefit you in some way or another
    I will probably walk right past it/ I don't know!
    Pick it up and keep it. Finders' keepers!
    Return the wallet with no agenda.
    Pick up the wallet, and return the wallet, hoping for praise and recognition
  • 3
    Would you want to fight Death Eaters?
    Heck yes! I will go with my friends and we will fight an epic fight together (Me: *sigh* how heroic <3)
    Death Eaters? They sound scary!
    Not without an elaborate fool-proof plan I won't.
    Only for a good cause. I don't like killing things, but I will to defend those I love
    No. They are misunderstood./ Fine, but I'll probably become a Death Eater myself...
  • 4
    How do you feel towards Voldy Moldy? (Haha sorry I like calling him that)
    He is okay, really. I'm pretty undecided...
    Who's Voldy Moldy? Weird name.
    Same for Death Eaters. I will stand my ground and attack him (he will kill someone I love one day!)
    He must be killed. He obviously poses a threat. And don't call him that.
  • 5
    What moment would you like to relive?
    A moment when I gain more knowledge and wisdom!
    A moment of when a cunning plot or plan of mine works
    A moment of triumph and victory! I want to live in such glorious moments forever.
    A moment of... Um... Er....
    A moment of peace and happiness, perhaps in a bright forest or sitting by a warm fire
  • 6
    Who do you like most?
    Draco Malfoy...
    Cedric Diggory
    I don't know! Voldy Moldy?
    Harry potter!
    Miss Hermione Granger!
  • 7
    Thoughts on charity?
    I don't know...
    Education is more important for the poor than money.
    Eh. Most I'll do is donate.
    I'll donate, volunteer... Charity is a great way to express care.
    I will chip in because I want recognition and glory...
  • 8
    Okay! A bit more left...
    Your purpose in making me respond to this?
    Go on:)
    Fire ahead!
  • 9
    Your thoughts on CANADA?
    OMG CANADA! <3
    Ew! A muggle country!
    I know why you asked this question...
    Canada? Well... Um... Any awesome people there?
  • 10
    I know that was random ;) Ready for your results?
    Yes: D
    Impress me with your accuracy.
    God finally! One more question and I would have quit.
    I'm EXCITED!
    Uh huh

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