How Well Do You Know My Chemical Romance Lyrics?

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Killjoys, it's time for you to make a lot of noise! Can you correctly answer these questions?

  • 1
    Lyric one:
    Thank You For The Venom, 3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge
    So gimme all your poison, and gimme all your pills. And ____________.
    Check please!
    Hopeless parts that made me fill.
    Hopeless hearts and make me ill.
    Drugs gimme drugs gimme drugs, I don't need 'em.
  • 2
    Lyric 2:
    It's Not a Fashion Statement, it's a Fucking Deathwish, 3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge:
    Well don't I look pretty walkin' down the street_________.
    In the best damn dress I o-own.
    This is MCR?
    With my green wig held on ti-ight.
    With my boys next to me-ee.
  • 3
    Lyric 3:
    Cancer, Black Parade
    Call my ______. Help___ gather all my things, and bury me in all my favorite colors
    Uncle Phil, him.
    Aunt Suzy, her.
    Aunt Marie, her.
    Uncle Dean, him.
  • 4
    Lyric 4:
    The End., Black Parade
    So throw on the black dress, mix in with the lot. You might ____________.
    Wake up and notice you're someone you're not.
    Are you sure this is on Black Parade?
    Get up and realize that you have just fought.
    Look up and see all the stars in your spot.
  • 5
    Lyric 5:
    Vampire Money, Danger Days
    How bout you Mikey? ________
    I'm there baby.
    Well I think I'm alright.
    *southern accent* fUcKiN rEaDy.
  • 6
    Lyric 6:
    Bulletproof Heart, Danger Days
    Jenny won't you ________
    Leave and go
    Come back home.
    Eat some cereal.
    Get back in bed.
  • 7
    Lyric 7
    Headfirst for Halos, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
    And now these red ones make me fly, ____________.
    And the green ones help me soar.
    When the blue ones make me higher.
    And the blue ones help me fall.
    Is this even MCR? Really?
  • 8
    Lyric 8:
    Our Lady of Sorrows, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
    We could be perfect one last night,____________
    And always stay like that no matter what.
    And we could be perfect for 1,000 more.
    And never be the same again.
    And die like star-crossed lovers when we fight.
  • 9
    Lyric 9:
    Boy Division, Conventional Weapons #1
    If all my enemies through a party, _________.
    Can you crash it for me?
    Would you light the candles?
    Would you go anyway?
    We can sneak in together.
  • 10
    Lyric 100
    The Light Behind Your Eyes, Conventional Weapons #3
    If I, could be with you tonight, I would _________, never let them take the light behind your eyes.
    Make sure you keep all my secrets.
    Try not to weep.
    Protect you from them.
    Sing you to sleep.

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