Are You a Pancake or a Waffle?

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10 Questions - Developed by: James Cook - Developed on: - 2.859 taken

Answer the ten questions below selecting the best answer for you as quickly as possible. There are no right or wrong answers, just honest ones!

  • 1
    When I go shopping or have an event coming up, I love making a list/checklist.
    Ewww – no way!
  • 2
    If you’re at a party, you’re probably…
    If I go (and it’s a big IF) I’ll be hanging out in a quiet corner.
    Talking to a few people if I feel comfortable.
    Enjoying conversation, mixing ‘n mingling!
    Either hosting it or having a blast in the middle of the action!
    Depends on the party (and who’s there)
  • 3
    When cleaning your house you…
    Do as thorough job as I can.
    Aim for good-enough. Nobody looks in closets, right?
    Just do it and get it over with.
    Try to do a good job, but I’m not fussy about finer points.
    Do it as perfectly as I can! If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
  • 4
    You’re running late for an appointment, there’s one space available in the parking lot you…
    Pull in quickly but still try to be a little careful.
    Park but making sure I’m perfectly parallel to and equidistant from each line.
    Park and try to be careful to leave space for the other drivers and do my best to be straight.
    Just park. What’s the point of this question?
    Park and run. Crooked? Who cares!
  • 5
    Spreadsheets are…
    Boring! I’m falling asleep just reading the word.
    Pure bliss! I love them!
    Not sure how I feel (or I don’t know what they are).
    A necessary evil in modern life.
    Cool! I love playing with them and even designing them for different uses.
  • 6
    Your bookshelf(ves) …
    Has lots of photos, things I love, and things I’ve misplaced there.
    Has books on it – maybe some videos and a photo or two.
    Is a hodge-podge of various things I like to look at and bring me peace or fuel my creativity.
    Has books or other things but I like to make sure it’s all neat and in order.
    Has books/videos organized by either size, category/genre, color, or is alphabetized.
  • 7
    When it comes to activities, which of the following statements describe you:
    I like things that are mentally challenging. Games, problem solving or puzzles.
    Depends on my mood. I like going out and having fun but I can also stay home and chill out.
    I can stay home or go out where it’s quiet with just one or two people.
    I don’t care what I do, as long as it’s fun, exciting and, if it’s spontaneous, so much the better!
    I like to do things that are fun and involve other people
  • 8
    If I could do any type of work that I wanted, I would have one that:
    Let’s me think outside the box and then create plans to make those ideas happen.
    Gives me freedom to think outside the box, explore ideas, and have some fun.
    Gives me structure to operate within with clear expectations of what they’d like me to do and let's me solve problems or create processes.
    Has equal balance of creativity and structure with some fun every now and then.
    Allows me to be creative, with lots of energy, and let's my artistic side fly!
  • 9
    You’re sitting at an empty desktop except for a dozen pencils and a few pieces of paper scattered on top. You’re most likely to…
    Doodle, doodle, doodle!
    I’ll take the opportunity to plan something I’ve been thinking about or write a checklist of things I need to do.
    I might draw, doodle or make paper airplanes/origami.
    First, I’ll line up the pencils and stack the papers. Then I’ll probably plan or do math to figure out how my gas mileage was. at the last fill-up.
    I might doodle, or draw or even write some poetry/journal.
  • 10
    You are cooking dinner (play along, even if you don’t cook) you’re most likely to…
    Have everything done perfectly, according to a recipe, and at the same time. Anything short of that is very frustrating.
    Just make the dinner, probably follow a recipe and hope it comes out okay.
    Throw something together that tastes good. I may or may not have a recipe. I like to wing it!
    Try something new or alter an existing recipe I’ve had before. I try to have fun with it.
    Follow a recipe and try to have everything done at the same time.

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The_reaal MAN ( 98.14 )
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But I like waffles better