What animal are you?

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What animal will you be?

  • 1
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Read a book
    Watch TV
    Play video games
    Play sport
  • 2
    What person are you?
    Chilled, laid back
    Shy, Quiet
    Sporty, popular
    Normal, chilled
  • 3
    You wake up in a maze, what do you do?
    Meh, someone will find me, may as well have a nap
    Think of a way to get out and follow your plan
    Run around the maze until you find the exit
    Follow the right side around the maze until you find the exit.
  • 4
    What animal do you think you are?
  • 5
    You find yourself in an fantasy world (like a story book) what do you do?
    Run and find a portal home
    Find somewhere to chill
    I'm gonna find someone to tell me whats going on
    I've read lots of books, I know what to do
  • 6
    How do people see you?
    Sporty or popular
  • 7
    IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! what do you do in your last moments?
    May as well enjoy my last moments
    I'm gonna run that marathon
    I'm gonna tell that girl/guy I always liked that i'm in love with them
    I'm gonna get some last moments of sleep
  • 8
    Turns out it was a hoax, the world really isn't ending.
    Phew at least I got that marathon done
    Turns out that guy/girl likes me as well, I'm better for it.
    Hmmm what's that, I was asleep the whole time
    At least I had some fun
  • 9
    Am I weird? (the maker of this test... not you)
    Nah, mate
    Meh, I don't even care
  • 10
    How was this test? (this reflects your personality, its not a last thoughtless question)
    Meh, I don't care
    It was ok
    Um, it was good? I guess

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