How ecofriendly are you?

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Are you one of those people that stick their used gum under tables, or those who clean up their mess after thy finish their meal?

  • 1
    You just finished your orange juice. Where do you throw your juice box?
    Take out the straw and put it in the garbage, and recycle the box in the blue bin
    Slowly drop it on the floor where you are, and sneak away
    Throw the whole juice box into the garbage
  • 2
    You are walking to a mall on a windy day and at the entrance, you see a plastic bag flying around. What do you do?
    Kick it near a wall, and hopefully someone will clean it up
    Nothing. I need to get that 50% off shirt now
    I will pick it up, and throw it in the nearest trash can. I don't want our environment trashed
  • 3
    You are asked to write an essay about an animal. You take out a lined sheet of paper, and halfway through your writing, you remembered you were told to write double spaced. What do you do?
    You get a new sheet of paper/ continue writing, but this time, you skip lines
    Scream and rip up the paper, and run out of the class.
    You flip the page over and write again.
  • 4
    There is an eco club in your school, and they want new members to join. What do you do?
    No way. I'm just living life and as long as I'm okay and surviving now, I don't care what happens
    You sign up without hesitating; you are helping the earth
    Eh... sure, even though I don't know much/ nah, maybe another time
  • 5
    What are the 3 Rs for being ecofriendly?
    I don't care
    Reuse, reduce, recycle. no doubt
    Um... ride, run, race?
  • 6
    Tomorrow is Green day at your school! Wear anything green to show you care about our earth! What do you wear tomorrow?
    I don't wear green. In fact, I will wearing black.
    I wear a green shirt to show that I am aware of this but not overshowing it.
    I will wear a green shirt, green pants, green cap, green earrings, green necklace, and maybe even a green underwear.
  • 7
    A certain hour this evening is Earth hour. You should be using no/ less energy between the time. What do you do?
    I turn off some lights at home/ I go out and do my normal activities
    Turn on EVERY SINGLE LIGHBULB in your house. Great, since everyone's is turned off, you will have all the energy to yourself
    I stay home, and turn off everything. I sit down on my couch and read a book with a solar powered flashlight.
  • 8
    Do you recycle? (be honest)
    I recycle, but only the easy things like taking the straw out of a container. Washing a yogurt cup? um, no thanks, I'll just throw it away as it is
    No, I don't/ I barely do, I only do it if someone reminds me
    Yes I do... all the time. In fact, I recycle in my sleep as well:)
  • 9
    Do you use reusable bottles?
    I do. I have one which I have used for many years and it is still in good shape
    Yes, I have one, but I also drink from the recyclable plastic bottles
  • 10
    Thanks for taking my quiz!
    I don't care
    You're welcome:)

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