What Type Of Guy Are You Looking For?

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This quiz is for people who want to see what type of guy they are made for. Half of this quiz is the appearance and the other half is about his personality.

  • 1
    What color is his hair?
    Black/ Brown
    Red (dyed)
    Orange (Redhead)
    Blonde (dirty blonde, platinum blonde, etc.)
  • 2
    What color are his eyes?
    Blue or Grey
    Brown or Black (black eyes are very dark brown eyes)
  • 3
    What type of haircut does he have?
    Long and Curly
    Long and Straight
    Nice and Clean (short; straight or curly)
    Messy, but still attractive (average length; straight or curly)
  • 4
    Does he have freckles?
    Yes (around average amount)
    Yes, but a lot (all over)
    Barely (maybe 5-8 of them)
  • 5
    What's his eye shape?
    Round Eyes
    Almond Eyes
    Hooded Eyes
    Thin Eyes
  • 6
    Does he have piercings?
    Yes, (Lip or Eyebrow; multiple)
    Yes (Ear or Lip; only one)
    Yes (Ear, Lip, or Eyebrow; multiple)
  • 7
    Does he have tattoos?
    Yes (6-8 of them)
    Yes (1-5 of them)
    Yes (a sleeve or more)
  • 8
    What's his style? (His apparel)
    Bright and Surprising
    Bright and Lively
    Dark and Mysterious
    Dark and Rebellious
  • 9
    Does he usually wear a hat, hood, or anything similar?
    Yes (Hood)
    Yes (Beanie)
    Yes (Baseball cap)
  • 10
    How does he dress for special occasions?
    Nice pants, nice shirt, and a tie (not a bow tie)
    A nice shirt, nice pants, nice vest, and a tie (either one)
    A plain, black suit (like Barney's from the show How I Met Your Mother)
    Dark jeans and a white, button down shirt
  • 11
    What type of music does he listen to?
    Hip Hop
    Rock/ Metal
  • 12
    What type of people does he hang out with?
    The tough/ rebellious group
    Usually by himself
    The popular/ in crowd group
    The nerdy/ geeky group
  • 13
    What is his attitude to other people besides his group (if he has one)?
    Rude and Disrespectful [But at times can show another side. (Sweet and Caring.)]
    Shy and Rude
    Sweet, Nice, and Confident
    Nice, Sweet and Silly
  • 14
    How does he treat you?
    With respect, but still a little mysterious.
    Like a queen
    With respect and love
    Like a best friend, but with something more between the two of you.
  • 15
    How is he towards his parents?
    Best friends with parents
    Don't talk much
    Polite and business like
    Ignores them and shuts them out
  • 16
    What does he get you for your birthday?
    Something expensive (Jewelry, Clothing, etc.)
    A mix tape
    A whole day where you do whatever you want together
    Something homemade (from the heart)
  • 17
    What at is your ideal dream date?
    A day and/ or night of talking and hanging out at the park
    A concert
    A fancy dinner at a very nice/ expensive restaurant
    A night at the club
  • 18
    What would his IQ be?
    A little lower than average, but working harder to get a higher IQ
    Right in the middle if average and high
  • 19
    If you went to the movies, what genre of movies would you go and see?
  • 20
    What's his favorite movie?
    The Blob (Original)
    21 Jump Street

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