Science Final Test Review

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  • 1
    What are the characteristics of a sedimentary rock?
    Made of weathered rock debris
    Has calcite in it
  • 2
    What are the characteristics of metamorphic rock?
    It has magma and then lights up on fire
    It has calcite in it and then fizzes
    Involves the alteration of existing rocks by either heat and pressure, or through the chemical action of fluids.
  • 3
    What are the characteristics of an Igneous rock?
    Grain Size and and Texture
    Has magma in it and then can fire up
    Carbonate Minerals
  • 4
    Describe the Law of Superposition
    Nothing Correct
    Where all of the layers are stacked on top of each other and one crumbles down.
    A stack of layers (or beds) of sedimentary rock, older beds are found below younger beds (as long as there has been no disturbance of the beds)
  • 5
    Define Severe Weather
    Everything except tsunami's
  • 6
    Define Meterlogy
    Weather Girl
    The process of the atmosphere, especially with forecasting weather.
  • 7
    Define Atmosphere
    The envelope of gases surrounding the Earth or another planet.
    Our solar system
    The universe
  • 8
    Define Pressure
    Physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it.
    Gravitational pull
    Pushing on something
  • 9
    How is mass different then weight?
    Mass is the measurement of the amount of matter something contains, and weigh is gravity pulling on an object.
    Mass = not heavy
    Heavy = weight
  • 10
    Why does the moon have phases?
    Because the moon is weird
    The moon has phases because it rotates, and reflections change.
    Because it's life
  • 11
    What is a light year?
    Is a unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the difference that light travels in one year.
    I don't know
    Nothing Right
  • 12
    What gas mostly makes up the atmosphere?
    Nitrogen & oxygen
  • 13
    Where is most of Earths water found?
    Ice caps and glaciers
  • 14
    Almost done..
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    You are finished!

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