Which bhhs track coach are you most like?

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Let's see which track coach you are most like

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    On a scale one 1-10, how liked do you think you are (ten is the highest, one is the lowest)?
  • 2
    Do you believe injured runners should still run?
    If they are really injured they should not run. It's up to them to run or not
    As long as it isn't a really bad injury
    No way! Injured runners should never run!
    Well I'll just set out a bottle of ibuprofen for them to "steal" so they can still run
    Well as long as they didn't break/pull anything and are not walking around in a cast or boot....
  • 3
    If you were to be stuck on an island for the rest of your life and you could only bring two items, what items would you bring?
    The same hat and Hartley shirt I've worn for the past 82 years
    As many batons as I want
    My trusty hat and turtleneck
    The same khaki pants I've worn since birth
    Something to help me survive
  • 4
    What is you favorite workout to make your ath-a-letes run?
    Repeat miles
    I don't make workouts
    Pretty much anything that involves hurdling
    Repeat 200's
    Repeat 150's
  • 5
    What's your favorite event?
    4x1 relay
    All of them!
    Jumping and mid-distance
  • 6
    What word or phrases do you enjoy saying?
    Telling People nicely what they did wrong and how they can improve—constructive criticism
    Anything that involves yelling at ath-a-letes
    "Get that look off your face"
    3-step and 4-step
  • 7
    As a coach, what would you most likely say to motivate your runners before a big race?
    "don't worry, they four step, you three step"
    *aggressive screaming* "JUST RUN"
    "LET'S GO! You know what to do"
    "There's my favorite ath-A-lete! Go out there and run fast although I don't know what you're running and I'm the head coach"
    "Do whatever you need to do, focus on yourself. Don't pay attention to the other people"
  • 8
    How do you intimidate other teams?
    Just run your race. No intimidation needed
    I don't intimidate people, I talk to everyone and make an attempt to be friendly
    "We should be seen not heard"
    Who needs intimidation when everyone already knows who Gana is?
    Well, in the last political debate, they intimidated people by.....
  • 9
    Do you what do you enjoy talking about?
    I don't like talking with athletes unless it's yelling at them
    How you're underachieving, trashing those you don't like
    The right technique for handoffs
    I can pretty much talk for hours on end about anything
    What you're doing wrong/right and how you can fix it
  • 10
    Which coach is your favorite?

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