Which Chima Character are you?

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Choose the character that most resembles you in the land of Chima! Will you find your CHI soulmate? Take the quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Where would your ideal home be?
    In the highest crags of a mountain! You do like your solid fortress, but it has to be high up.
    In a suburban mix of jungle and grassland! You like a little bit of trees to compliment your lawn.
    In the icy, beautiful northern plains! You love water--that is frozen--and sliding on the ice.
    In the swampy marshes! You love humidity and swarms of insects.
    In a solid stone fortress! You are a geologist and can't help but study and collect rocks.
  • 2
    What aspect of life do you enjoy the most?
    Adventure, jokes, and fun! You're an all-time enjoyment animal--but your hobbies have to be epic.
    Rocks and partying! Nothing is better than discussing geology over the beat of the dubstep.
    Winning! It's always good when you're on top.
    Violence! How could you spend a day without admiring the biological wonders of the rotting carcass?
    Helping your friends! What's life without the ones you love the most?
  • 3
    What do you dislike--or hate--the most?
    Seriousness and water! Why those two things? Well, life is always better for you when you have a smile and are dry.
    Peace and quiet! Tranquility kills the soul, and you know it.
    Being told what to do! You know what's up and down and are super independent.
    Unnecessary fights! Really, everyone needs to stop arguing and get along.
    Killjoys! You know those people who poop on your party? Yeah, you hate 'em!
  • 4
    How would you describe your best pal?
    Like a crocodile, who lives for the rush of victory. This friend makes your life exciting!
    Like a roaring lion, who likes adventure and danger. Your friend will always join you in your exploits!
    Like a kind lion, who likes adventure and fun. Your friend lightens you up!
    Like an eagle, who is friendly yet smart. You need a good pal when your rocks don't talk back.
    Like ... like ... nobody! You don't have any best pals, and you're okay with that!
  • 5
    Who is your archenemy in life?
    Raven-like people! These enemies steal so much, and they don't care about anyone but themselves.
    Dark Tribe people! They are selfish, try to get everything in life, and obviously greedy.
    A close, deceiving family member. Sometimes you think that they're on your side, and then they sabotage you!
    Anything that moves! It's you against the world, and you're determined to destroy everyone.
    Whoever you are told to dislike! You're naturally friends with everyone you meet:)
  • 6
    What is your favorite color?
    Grey! It is the mysteries and shades of life that intrigue you. Also, it's the color of rocks!
    Green! It is so full of life ... and wetness ... and wonder.
    Dark, dark red! You mostly hate everything, so this is a good color for the end of life.
    Gold! Oh, well, here's another color that begins with "G," but you really like it. It symbolizes honor and wisdom to you.
    Light, sky blue! Your head is in the clouds and sunshine is all around you and your buddies.
  • 7
    If you had to chose your favorite food, what would it be?
    Meat, but only from the bad animals! You're a conscious carnivore, and you value others, including your food.
    My victims. You don't care what they are--or who they are--but you will devour them!
    Natural foods! This could include a variety of greens, fresh water, and rock croutons.
    I could eat anything! Your jaws are strong and your appetite is large. You like to fill up on protein, so meat's good.
    Seafood, of course! You like your sushi, but you'll eat things from the land too.
  • 8
    What is your favorite mode of transportation?
    Swamp jets! They can go anywhere in water and on land.
    Jet-packs (or your own wings, of course)! You go "au natural" in travel.
    Ice cruisers! They are perfect for cold weather and are small, fast, and deadly weapons in your hands.
    Large tanks with huge carrying capacities! You might not be fast, but you can bring a lot of stuff!
    CHI-powered speeders! Now, you don't really care about how much stuff you can bring, but how fast you can go.
  • 9
    You meet a stranger in the Outlands. What do you do?
    You talk with him for awhile. You need to figure out things with logic and politeness before you make any moves.
    You hug him! You are always up for making new friends, and this stranger is no exception.
    You stare at him with your little eyes and try to figure out what he's thinking.
    You ask him about his day and see if he needs any help. Is he lost in the woods?
    You kill him and quickly eat his remains. All strangers must be decimated.
  • 10
    What do you think of this test?
    Pretty cool, but I'd rather be out exploring and winning battles!
    I hated it. I hate everything. You don't want to know what I would do to the creator if I found them.
    I like it! I would want to know how the creator thought it up and made all their questions.
    It's okay, but now I have less time to spend with my friends. What ARE they doing?
    Yawn. What test? I just fell asleep from the boringness of it all!

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