Does she like you?

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Here are a few questions to find out whether the hottie you're after is really into you too?

  • 1
    How often do you see her?
    Mmm occasionally...
    Once a week
    DUH all the time!
  • 2
    Who starts the conversations?
    Mostly me although she has once or twice
    Equally both
    Her, ALL THE TIME!
    ALWAYS me
  • 3
    How does she act around you?
    She acts normal
    Playful teasing and sarcasm
    goes quiet, shy
    Leaves room
    Laughs a lot
  • 4
    What is she usually wearing when you see each other?
    Tight dress, jewellery, heels
    School uniform, don't see her outside of school
    Casual, messy bun, not much makeup
    Crop tops, jeans, shorts, makeup done
  • 5
    Where does she look when you talk?
    Eyes look around the room and down a lot
    Looks at her phone
    Directly into your eyes
    Looks at other people in the room
    Looks away occasionally but mostly maintains eye contact.
  • 6
    What's her body language like?
    Feet are pointing towards me, confident
    She pulls her sleeves over her hands a lot and plays with her hair
    She is quite slanted and casual
    Maintains good posture sticks chest out a bit
  • 7
    What is her reaction if she sees you while walking past?
    She stops to say hi and starts conversation
    Smiles sweetly but carries on
    Gives you a jokey wink ;)
    Slaps you meanly
    Doesn't acknowledge your existence
  • 8
    Do you think you're in the same league?
    She's way more popular!:(
    I don't know
    I'm a bit "cooler" than her
    Yeah I guess
    OBVIOUSLY! we're besties!
  • 9
    How do you know her?
    Family friend
    Mutual friends
    While out with friends
    After school activity/club
  • 10
    What's her relationship history?
    Had one or two guys in the past
    Never had a boyfriend before
    I don't know
    Just came out of a long and serious relationship
    Quite a "slut" according to others
  • 11
    Has she ever complimented you?
    NO only jokey sarcastic remarks
    Only about stuff that comes up in conversation
    Always it's like she's obsessed
  • 12
    Honestly how do you think she feels about you?
    A LOT she always starts conversation!
    Just as a friend basically FRIEND-ZONED
    I think there's a possibility but i'm in doubt hence why doing this quiz

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