Are you capable of murder?

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  • 1
    Do you honestly think that your capable of murder?
  • 2
    Pick an object?
  • 3
    How would you dispose of the body?
  • 4
    How do you think you would cope afterwards?
  • 5
    What would be your reason to kill?
  • 6
    Pick a location
  • 7
    What crime have you committed most?
  • 8
    What angers you?
  • 9
    What is your favourite colour?
  • 10
    How do you feel about love?

Comments (5)


Lunar (64092)
73 days ago
80% likely to kill ,i probably would but pretend its for self defence,e.g if someone were to attack to i would stab their eyes and take it out of the socket and say if he cant see me he cant attack me
King Gilgamesh (64708)
145 days ago
Apparently my results weren't clear. To quote them,
For 30 % you are: You are most definitely capable of committing murder but only under certain circumstances. You are protective of your family and therefore will go the distance if they are hurt. You would be more of a serial killer.

Your results were not clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: You are a sweet soul, someone caring and innocent. You rarely get angry and when your sad you try to see the bright side of things. Someone far from being able to commit murder.

I suppose this should be confusing, but all things considered it makes a lot of sense.
Gershwin Mason II (86799)
236 days ago
I only want to kill one person so sociopath is I don't think correct and come on 40%!!!!!!
Loser with attitude (97509)
648 days ago
The test is worng, it says I'm only 40% a killer, no I'm more like 70-80%.
I'm not bloodthristy, I just want some people to pay for what they did to me but first they must give me everything what they have as payment and I don't want to kill them it would be too easy for them I want them to live a very long life in constant suffering and madness, to lose everything just as me.

Kids don't do bad deeds, don't harm innocents, don't bully people or they will come for you :)

There's a too many people that should be dead, society and law protecting them, unfortunatelly.

Why judges and police can punish someone and I don't?
Belahzael (97815)
741 days ago
I think you are misusing the word sociopath. And, come on, dark alley, honestly?