Which character am I in the NorthGate Mountain Chronicles?

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  • 1
    Weapon of choice?
    An army of fish
    A well mad bow and arrows
    What weapon?
    A sword... I guess
    A good Winchester RIFLE! Or a Machine GUN!
  • 2
    Which location would you call in your element?
    Deep in the heart of the forest near a steady steam...
    Where ever the people I love most are
    Probably in the mountains covered with heavy fog
    I'm never not in my element.(Evil smile) As long as I can terrorize people with my guns!
    In the ocean where creatures but great and small wait for me
  • 3
    Which would you most likely call your hobby?
    Memorizing Scripture particularly the Psalms
    Studying complex subjects like Chemistry
    Sharpening my archery skills
    Showing my displeasure to my underlings!
    Solving mysteries
  • 4
    What's your job title?
    I take care of the farm... Is that a job?
    Assistant Manager
    Chief Investigator of the Police
  • 5
    What's your idea of fun?
    Fun? I don't do fun especially in front of a crowd!
    Eating Victoria's delicious pies
    Meeting new people and helping them grow:)
    Using people as moving targets for target practice!
    I enjoy watching my friends have fun; I have to make sure that no one gets hurt.
  • 6
    How do you feel about people?
    What can I tell you?:)
    They are okay only if I can terrorize them!
    I can't wait to meet all of them!
    They can be good or bad, but the few good ones are the ones worth holding onto.
    Leave me alone!
  • 7
    Do you have friends?
    Sure! They support me every step of the way, and I endeavor to do the same!
    I have really good friends.
    It's best to be a friend.
    Who needs friends? I need minions!
    None, except my father.
  • 8
    What describes you most?
    Smart, reserved...
    A good listener
    Determined, Persistant
    Wise yet Tender-Hearted
    Wiley, Devious
  • 9
    Where do you currently live?
    In the center of town... but I wish I weren't
    In a nice cabin with my family
    Outside of town... on the east side near Gallatin River
    In a small house outside of town on the west side... I don't like company!
    I live in seawater
  • 10
    What is your favorite color?
    Sea Green
    White; I'm not much into colors.
  • 11
    If someone picks a fight with you, you...
    Respond accordingly.
    Unleash all your powers on them and show them who's in charge!
    See if they can be reasoned with.
    Run away or take it silently.
    Restrain them and/or fight especially if a loved one is at risk.
  • 12
    How reserved are you?
    I have few secrets, but I like to recharge once in a while.
    I don't know what reserved means.
    I don't like anyone to know my affairs!
    It doesn't matter.
    I'm not scared of people.
  • 13
    How old are you?
    Hard to say exactly but somewhere in my twenties.
    None of your business!
    Does it really matter? 27
    250 years give or take, not including the year I skipped through the time portals!
    Definitely twenty-five
  • 14
    You are...
    Proud of your family history, but are not willing to share it yet.
    The son of a time traveller
    Related to the Loch Ness Monster!... Popular joke!:)
    Looking for a certain mermaid or perhaps the Captain's daughter
    The first child in your family

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