Test your Invader Zim knowledge!

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  • 1
    In the Nightmare Begins: What is the name of the home of the slaughtering rat people and who was assigned there?
    Dirt; Invader Tak
    Earth; Invader Zim
    Blorch; Invader Scooge
  • 2
    What helps keep an Irken alive?
    Their PAK
    Their antenna
    Boots? ( me: wtf?
  • 3
    The Wettening: What earth substance is Zim sensitive to?
    Cat fur
  • 4
    What made the unaired episode " Ten Minutes to Doom" what made it ten minutes to doom?
    I'm too lazy to research this.
    Zim's PAK was removed.
    Zim fell off a cliff
  • 5
    Why can Irken teeth carry a reddish white tint?
    They have a lot of blood vessels in their teeth.
    They have gingivitus
  • 6
    What do Irkens' antennae do?
    Feel ( me: DUH!)
  • 7
    Why does MIMI look different from GIR and normal SIR units?
    She was created Tak as she was marooned on a planet.
    Because she was broken
    Because all the other SIRS are broken
  • 8
    Why does Zim use language incorrectly?
    " WHO DARES SPOIL MY NORMAL HUMAN BOY HEAD WITH THIS PORK COW?" after Dib threw a muffin at him.
    He's lazy
    He's illiterate
    His PAK is capable of downloading any known language, English is not a known language to Irkens
  • 9
    What is the Irken equivalent of walking outside in your underwear?
    Not wearing their PAKs.
    Walking around barefoot
    Twisting their antennae
  • 10
    What have you noticed about Irken eyes?
    They bulge out of their heads.
    They are unnatural colors
    They have no pupils
  • 11
    Which of the following is true about Irkens:
    The majority is Right handed
    They are ambidextrous ( I dunno or care how to spell that)
    The majority is Left handed
  • 12
    What state is Zim's PAK and how does it affect him
    Okay making him tall and non-emotional
    Faulty, making him small and emotional.
    Faulty, making him small and cold
    Okay, making him tall and emotional
  • 13
    What is true:
    Sugar is like paper to irkens
    Sugar is very common on Irk
    Sugar is very rare on Irk
  • 14
    Why do irkens wear gloves and boots all the time? ( too late to change questions sorry)
    They are like butterflies and can smell with their hands and feet as well.
    Too lazy
    They're sensitive
  • 15
    Why are their eyes big?
    They are descended from cats
    They used to live in caves
    They are descended from bats

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