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10 Questions - Developed by: WarriorCats123 - Developed on: - 3.079 taken

Here is a test to see if you really know your Minecraft. Let's get started!

  • 1
    What should you look for when you first spawn into the server?
    A cave
  • 2
    What type of villager wears the normal brown coat with a black smock?
    Normal villager
  • 3
    To transform a zombie villager back into a villager you need-
    Potion of Poisoning
    An apple
    A healing potion
  • 4
    What is a rare drop for Zombie Pigmen?
    A Wither Skeleton skull
    A golden sword
  • 5
    You can make torches with coal, but you can also smelt ____________.
    Leather hide
    An egg
  • 6
    What would be MOST efficient to bring into the Nether?
    Don't bring anything
    Fire resist potions, golden apples, iron armor (or stronger), iron sword (or stronger) and an iron pick (or stronger)
    Leather armor, wooden tools and a little food
    Water buckets, no armor, a stone pick and a few pieces of uncooked meat
  • 7
    What would be MOST efficient for bringing to The End?
    Leather armor and wooden tools with no food, potions, or blocks
    Enchanted diamond sword and diamond armor, a bow (enchanted or not), golden apples, a gold (or stronger) pick
    Enchanted iron armor and a full golden tool set with lots of food
    What's the End? (Me: Why are you taking this quiz...)
  • 8
    Which two edible Minecraft food items will poison you?
    Cake and pumpkin pie
    Bread and uncooked chicken
    Rotten flesh and poisoned baked potatoes
    Cookies and cooked beef
  • 9
    How do you craft a beacon?
    What's a beacon? (Me: *facepalm*)
    Three obsidian on the bottom, a nether star in the middle and glass blocks in the rest of the empty spaces
    Black wool on the bottom, a diamond block in the middle and glass panes in the rest of the empty spaces
  • 10
    Finally, which animals are MOUNTABLE?

    Hint: Which animals can be ridden without mods?
    Mooshroom and Wolf
    Squid and Spider
    Horse and Pig
    Cow and Sheep

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