What Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Bachelorette Are You?

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Wanna know what bachelorette you are in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade? Well, you've come to the right place! This won't only tell you who you are but it will also tell you what bachelor is right for you!

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    What hair color do you have?
    Gray-ish white. It's cool and punk-ish!
  • 2
    What is your favorite letter?
    V/I. I like very magical letters.
    Why does it matter? P/H/O I guess.
    Hmm. That's a weird question. K/A/T I guess.
    I dunno but I guess R/E/N.
  • 3
    What do you like in a boy?
    I'm not interested in such things.
    I like someone who I can have fun with!
    I don't like boys.
    What do I like in a boy? Oh geez. Well, I like someone that makes me feel calm.
    I...I dunno...maybe s-someone nice...?
  • 4
    What animals do you like?
    I'm not really interested in animals.
    I really like horses! They're so awesome!
    Well...I like silk worms because...I like to harvest their silk and...sew it into things...
    Animals? No point. I don't like animals. Was turned into a frog once. That was horrible.
    Farm animals. You know, cows, chickens, sheep, that kind of thing.
  • 5
    What's the best way to pass time?
    At the bar, talking with boys, and drinking cocktail!
    Doing spells.
    Playing or taking care of my animals!
    In the mine! I love it down there!
  • 6
    Who's your best friend?
    Selena! She has great dancing!
    I don't HAVE friends.
    My best friend? Anissa. She's the farm girl, I'm the ranch girl. It just kind of fits.
    I dunno. Luke lives near me and so does Owen. I guess they're kind of my friends. Bo doesn't really talk to me very often but he lives near me, too.
  • 7
    What boy is your type?
    I'm not interested in boys but I'd probably pick Owen or Calvin if I had to.
    Hmm...I kinda like Chase. He lives close and he likes cooking!
    Do I HAVE to answer this! Well, I guess maybe that cute new farmer that moved in. What's his name, again?
    Julius...he's...sort of...cute...or Toby...I like Toby...or...maybe Jin...
    Luke, Owen, and...hmm...maybe Gill. They're the only guys I'd ever date.
  • 8
    Do you like cooking?
    My mom does all the cooking so I've never really tried it.
    I cook with my magic.
    Chase does all the cooking. Don't even ASK me to make you a cocktail.
    I dunno, just a pass time, I guess.
    Yes...I like to cook...
  • 9
    What food do you like?
    I like curry and ramen!
    I like veggies!
    Cocktail! Wait, is that a food?
    I dunno...I'll eat pretty much anything...
    Dunno. Food isn't one of my biggest interests.
  • 10
    What names do you like?
    Liam...that's cute...Jasmen...Lily...
    Names? Vivi. That's my na- I mean! I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything!
    Ren, Ressi, Rowan. Names with R. I like those names.
    Katt! That's a cute name! Jack is nice, too, also Roy...wow I like a lot of different names.
    Peter, Patrick, hmm...stuff like that...

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