What Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Bachelor Are You?

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Ever wondered what Harvest Moon: Animal Parade bachelor you're most like? Well, you've come to the right place! Not only will this tell you who you are but it will also tell you who you'll marry and what your kids names are!

  • 1
    What's your hair color?
    Awesome blue!
    A nice...calm...gray-ish white...
    Uh, orange-red-ish.
    Me? Oh, um, sort of light blue.
    Blonde. I'm blonde.
  • 2
    What's your favorite way to pass time?
    I like to fish. I really love fishing. It's so fun.
    I don't pass time. I always have something I'm doing. Otherwise, I might go and chat with my father or Luna or someone.
    Hanging out with Bo! Or hanging at the bar with cute girls! Maybe go chop down some trees! Hiya! Take that, trees!
    Mining. I REALLY like mining.
    Practicing spells and looking at the stars...the stars are beautiful tonight...
  • 3
    What type of wife would you like?
    I dunno. Someone who likes to fish as much as I do, maybe. Or just someone that's nice.
    I am not interested in such things.
    Some girl who's super cute and who I can have fun with me! Aw, yeah!
    A wife? Someone calm and collected who will cook for me.
    Girls? Ooh, uh, no thanks.
  • 4
    What is your family like?
    My mom and dad are nice! So is my uncle and cousin! They're all very nice and I like them!
    My father is very nice and I love him.
    Family? I...don't have a family.
    I got my dad and he's AWESOME!
    My uncle is nice even though he's a bit...alcoholic sometimes. My little sister is nice, too!
  • 5
    What girl do you like?
    Renee is nice. So is Kathy. And I like Phoebe. They would be my three choices.
    I'm not really interested in girls but if I must, I guess the new farmer girl that just moved in is kind of pretty. What's her name again?
    Aha! Girls! Well, Kathy is cute and AWESOME! Selena is totally swag! She's always dancing and stuff! So, either of them will do!
    Renee is nice. So is Candace. And Anissa...she's very pretty...
    Uuuuh, well, Luna is- nothing! I don't like girls!
  • 6
    What would you like to do for a job?
    I'm a fisherman. I love fish. My favorite type is the Goby. I love Gobies.
    I'm a wizard. I do magic.
    I plan to be the mayor soon, like my dad.
    I'm a miner! I LOVE mining! I know fun facts about all the different ores!
  • 7
    Do you like to cook?
    Cooking? Yes. I like cooking!
    I cook with my magic.
    Not really. I mean, I cook on rainy days to pass time but otherwise it's not one of my biggest interests.
    I'll leave the cooking to my dad. I'm not interested in it.
  • 8
    What names do you like?
    Lucy! Lulu, Lewis! Those are awesome names! Ooh, ooh! DALE! That's an AWESOME NAME! It sounds familiar for some reason, too...
    I dunno. Ricky. Roy. Troy. Those are cool names.
    Names? Why? Well, Gorge, Geoffrey, Gregory. Those are nice names.
    Names? Well Gale is my n- uuuuuh, never mind...
    I dunno. Bobby. Tommy. Timmy. Jimmy. I kind of like names like that. Katherine is cute, too.
  • 9
    What do you like about yourself?
    W-what? N-nothing. I don't really like anything about myself.
    About me? I'm smart. I get stuff done. I don't put things off.
    Everyone always says I'm calm and kind so I guess that's what I like about myself.
    I think I'm a good friend.
  • 10
    Who's your best friend?
    Friends? I don't really have friends. I guess...Witch is kind of my friend.
    Best friend? Unlike Luke, I don't have "BFFs". But, if I had to pick, I'd say Jin.
    Uh, Phoebe? I guess? We both like mining and she lives close to me.
    Best friend? I'm good friends with Paolo!

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