Does He Like You?

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This is a quiz to help you know if that certain someone likes you back - even if you don't like them yourself!

  • 1
    First of all - How often do you see each other?
    I see him around school/work sometimes....
    He's in some of my classes...
  • 2
    How often do you talk?
    All The Time!
    About half the time
    Sometimes... Not that often though:(
    He doesn't attempt conversation with me
  • 3
    Does he have sudden interests in things you like?
    Some things we have in common
    He doesn't talk to me enough for me to know what he likes
    YES! He's starting to like all my favourite bands/movies/games/other
    I don't know what he likes
  • 4
    What sort of contact does he make with you?
    If he needs my attention.
    He hugs me a lot, tries holding my hand, offers me piggy backs, etc
    Not at all:(
    He gives me a high five every now and then...
  • 5
    Does he talk to you on social media/online/text you/call you?
    Sometimes he texts me to say hi and comments on a Instagram photo or two..
    No- He hasn't added me/followed me on anything
    YES! We talk to each other online alllll the time!
    He likes a few of my photos/views my snapchat stories and that's it.
  • 6
    How does his friends act around you?
    I don't know who he's friend with
    I don't talk to his friends that often
    They tease me slightly, and when he's around me they tend to whisper things to him and wiggle their eyebrows and small things like that
    They're all friends with me
  • 7
    Does he compliment you? (Don't be upset if he doesn't - most guys are too shy/don't want to give away their crush that easily)
    All the time! He compliments my outfit, my handwriting, my bag, my hair, my eyes, everything!
    He doesn't pay enough attention to notice anything
    Sometimes he'll comment on something I've done different
  • 8
    Does he stand up for you/help you?
    If people are annoying me and I'm having a bad day he'll tell them to leave me alone (etc)
    If someone were to bully me, he'd say something maybe
    He wouldn't bother
    He wouldn't care
  • 9
    What does he do when he sees you?
    He'll smile, wave and start a conversation with me/start walking with me
    He doesn't see me/ He ignores me
    He'll smile and sometimes wave
    Looks at me for a second, then turn back to their friends
  • 10
    Lastly- Does he tease you at all?
    Yes! He likes to joke around with me and lightly tease me about things
    Sometimes, if something embarrassing has happened
    When he does it's mean
    He doesn't talk to me

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