Which romantic movie couple are you?

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We have seen a lot of romantic movies, now let's see which movie depicts your romantic life?

  • 1
    How did you first meet?
    U just ran into each other and then immediately became friends and finally ended up on a date
    You just walked past each other and gave a few glimpses and felt some sparks but ignored the feeling
    U both started fighting and ended up being enemies
  • 2
    When did you first fell for him/her?
    At the first sight itself and you made silly reasons to fall in love with him
    You both were good friends for a long time and gradually started to fall deeply in love
    When he sarcastically proposed you one day and walked away you realised you had truly fallen for him
  • 3
    When did he/she admit their feelings for you?
    When did he/she admit their feelings for you?
    He just shouted at you when you yelled at him because he flirted with your enemy(obviously a girl)
    When his friends spotted you both talking together and teased you both, when he tells that it's true and that he sincerely loves you
    He just called you aside and told it and you said yes immediately
  • 4
    When did you convince you're love for him?
    You thought well about the problems that might happen in future and finally after 1week you said a solid 'yes'
    U told you love him first and waited for a positive response!
    U shouted back at him that you also love him when he said that he loves u
  • 5
    How does he describe you often?
    How does he describe you often?
    Cute, adventurous, beautiful and worth waiting for!
    Annoying yet irresistible
    Sexy, hot and bold!
  • 6
    Does he share everything with you?
    He speaks mostly about himself
    Only things that you are interested in!
    Almost all the things!
  • 7
    Who compromises first after a fight?
    Well mostly he does
    You both look at each other for a long time and then say sorry at the same time
    He won't speak a word until you say sorry to him
  • 8
    Which is you're most favourite moment of love with him?
    When you both were so busy talking to each other that you miss your bus and take a long yet beautiful walk home stopping at places of your interest
    When you both went for a movie and got cozy with each other when the lights went off!
    When you both had such a big argument and then started laughing at one point and ended up in a strong embrace
  • 9
    When was your first kiss?
    When was your first kiss?
    You had soo many that you hardly remember
    When you were angry with him for something when he gave you a unforgettable kiss
    When he had a match to play and win and you were by his side supporting and cheering for him
  • 10
    Is he the one?
    Is he the one?
    Who knows!
    I love him truly! He might be

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