Does He Like You? (More Accurate Than the Other Tests)

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Just a quick saying that I've just created this test because I've taken so many of my own with this topic and I know which ones seem more on point and ones that seem way of for are and hopefully, this test will seem more on point than others.

  • 1
    Do you think he likes you?
    I don't know, that's why I'm taking this test
    50/50 I feel like there's a chance he does
    Totally! Of course! Like 100%
    I think
  • 2
    Does his friends like you?
    Yes, we hang out and talk
    We're friends, but we don't talk or hang out
    We know each other, but we're not close
    No, we're not friends at all
  • 3
    Did he ever ask you out?
    Yes and it was short term
    Yes and it was long term
    No but I wish
    My friends and I try to talk to him about it a lot so we can convince him to
    His friends say he's going to/he wants to
  • 4
    Are you guys distant?
    No because I always try and start the conversation with him, getting all close and asking him questions to get to know him better
    Yes and I wish he would talk to me at all
    Yes and I wish he talked to me again
    Yeah, but we talk a little bit
    Not really
  • 5
    Can you make a long list of why you like him?
    (1-5) not many
    (15+) so many
    (6-10) an average
    (10-15) a lot
    I don't have a lot of reasons ..actually I don't have one. There's just something about him ..
  • 6
    Do you think it'll work out between the two of you?
    Yeah, if we try together
    We both need to try hard if we want to work out
    Yeah, if he just tries harder
    I don't want to try hard and it seems like he doesn't want to either
  • 7
    How many things can you list that you have in common?
    (15+) we're so compatible, you would think we'd be dating by now
    Nothing, we have nothing in common, but I'm faking it
    (10-15) we seem great together
    I don't know what he likes
    (1-5) we need to look for more things to get in common with
  • 8
    Did you tell his friend(s) that you like him? Is he trust worthy?
    Just one of them, I don't know about the other(s)
    I told all his friends and I'm pretty sure he knows
    I haven't told anyone
    Oh yeah, totally 100%
    I gave a little hint, but I didn't tell them
  • 9
    Will he try to get close to you?
    It's uncommon when we get close
    I try to get close to him constantly, he probably notices/he tries to get more distant
    Well, we get close by accident, but he doesn't move away
    We never get close at all
  • 10
    What happens when you pass by him and his group of friends?
    His friends try to call you over
    I walk over to them so I can be closer and talk to them and get to know them more
    He stares at me for a bit and his friends smile at both him and me
    He stares at you and looks away quickly so his friends don't notice
    His friends nudge him to look at me, but he looks away quickly
  • 11
    When/if you're with another guy, what does he do?
    He talks to just me/he talks to both of us
    He tries/he doesn't look at you guys, he doesn't really want to pay attention
    He stares
    He looks at you guys and then tries to do something else
    He talks to the guy, but not you
  • 12
    Do you stare at him?
    Not really
    Some times
    I try not to
    Of course
  • 13
    If you do, how does/will he react when/if he catches you?
    He gets really distant, awkward, weirded out
    He hides
    He looks away quickly
    He stares back at you
    He asks you later if/why you were staring at him
  • 14
    Does he act differently around you?
    Yes, but he acts the same way with everyone and his closes friends
    Yes, but he treats me like I'm a stranger, a bad person
    No, he treats me like he treats his close friends
    It seems like he tries to be more confident
    Yes, but he acts the same way with everyone else except his friends
  • 15
    How long have you guys known each other?

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