Which Onision Character are You? (I)

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White, Vicki, Emo Charlie, Dale, or Rod Danger?

  • 1
    What is your favorite color?
  • 2
    What gender are you?
    Man. The end.
    I'm so a woman!
    I'm.. androgynous.
    PFFFFFFT I'm other! OTHER!
    I'm a boy... I think. I can't see my crotch...
  • 3
    Which of these foods if your favorite?
    Vegetables and fruits.
    Um, whatever my boyfriend and/or husband likes!
    All organic.
    Plain food... whatever will sustain me.
    Hot dogs, and hamburgers, and ice cream, and steak, and...
  • 4
    Are you in a relationship?
    Yeah! Always! Sometimes more than one! Haha!
    No. Cause somebody CHEATED ON ME! VICKI!
    Umm, well... not exactly.
    Sure, I guess.
    No one would date me...
  • 5
    Alright, it's about to get political. You ready?
    Geez-oos! Fine!
    Sure whatever.
    Yeah! Nyaha!
  • 6
    How to you vote/ What party are you?
    I'm a independent.
    I have no opinion on politics...
    Registered Independent, largely Democrat.
    I'm always republican. Fox news is BAE!
  • 7
    What is your opinion on abortion?
    It's murder!
    I think it's wrong...
    It's okay, whatever.
    I think it should be up to the woman circumstantially.
    I dunno... Is that a hamburger?
  • 8
    What about vegetarianism?
    Pro vegans, yay. Woohoo.
    It's stupid! I need meat!
    Eww... Lettuce...
    I think people should do what they want...
    Perfectly acceptable. People who don't eat meat live longer and are healthier.
  • 9
    Did you say hamburger?
    Eww! Gross!
    I believe love is love, regardless of gender.
    Again, perfectly acceptable.
    Yeah, whatever.
  • 10
    And finally, Transgender people?
    Who cares? Mind your own business.
    I believe people have the right to present gender as they please.
    Trans hamburger...hehe...
    Gender and sex are two different things, making transgender people simply those whose gender an sex don't agree.
    Look, if you have man parts, you're a boy!
  • 11
    And if people oppose your views?
    Debate me.
    But I'm right! Duh!
    I dunno.
    I guess that's their opinion.
    Whatever, loser.
  • 12
    Well, what do you normally wear?
    Cheap and practical.
    Apparently I dress like a "hipster".
    I dress in black. Like my soul.
    Skimpy clothes! Yay!
    XXXXXL... Heheh
  • 13
    What music do you like?
    Pop, doy!
    Rap, gurrl!
  • 14
    Well, last question. Ready?
    I guess...
    Actually, this is-
  • 15
    HAHA! I lied. THIS is the last question. How does that make you feel?
    I knew it. I tried to tell you.
    I'm used to being tricked... *cries*
    *astonished angry gasp*

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