Who are you in the group?

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This quiz is all about finding who you are in your group of friends. You can be the shy, polite and understanding one, or you could be the loud party animal in the group. Find out who you are today!

  • 1
    Your two closes friends are fighting! what do you do?
    Help solve the problem
    Leave the conversation
    Pick a side
  • 2
    It's your friend's birthday party in a week! what would you get her as a present?
    Nothing and hope for the best...
    Anything as long as it's cheap
    Something meaningful that she would appreciate
  • 3
    Your friends all decide to go to a movie without you! how would you react?
    Not mention it
    Ask for an explanation
    Not talk to them for a while
  • 4
    Your revising for a test tomorrow but your friends wanna hang out, would you..
    Go with them
    Invite them to study with you
    Ignore them
  • 5
    If your group were to make a fun movie, what role would you be put in?
    Main character (I shine in the spotlight)
    Camera man (I capture every moment)
    Director (I have stage fright)
  • 6
    You all go out for Ice cream, but wait! one of your friends don't have enough money! what do you do?
    Give them your spare change
    Try to take money from the tip jar
    Ask another one of your friends for money
  • 7
    You're doing a test but all of a sudden one of your friends need help! what would you do?
    Tell the teacher
    Give them all the answers secretly
    Push them to try harder
  • 8
    You're in a party/gathering with all of your friends but then all of a sudden one of your friends crush flirts with you! what would you do?
    Flirt more
    Smile but slowly walk away
    Slap them
  • 9
    You find out one of your friends relative died! what would you do?
    Give them some space
    Give them a hug and tell them everything is ok
    Tell them to get over it
  • 10
    One of your friends is put on the spot to talk to an audience but all of a sudden they start to panic! what would you honestly do?
    Turn off the lights to make it less awkward
    Shout at them for failing
    Start talking to help them out

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Phanita ( 142.7 )
Posted 141 days ago
oh you are so amazing is all me!!!!!!!!!!!!!so cool
Rozu ( 75.38 )
Posted 143 days ago
haha if u put together the results.....yeah! it's me
LAJLW ( 2.150 )
Posted 168 days ago
it is so meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
kylie34 ( 3.154 )
Posted 335 days ago
so helpful thank u so much!