What type of freshwater fish should you get?

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There are over 2,000 different types of freshwater fish people keep in their aquariums. Do this quiz and you will see which fish out of 5 famous ones are best for you!

  • 1
    What is your preferred tank size?
    1 - 5 gallons
    150 - 300 gallons
    5 - 10 gallons
    20 - 50 gallons
    10 - 20 gallons
  • 2
    What colour fish do you want?
    Orange, white
    Red, silver, green, yellow
    Brown, yellow, black, orange
    Blue, green, red, yellow, white, purple
    All the colours mentioned
  • 3
    How long each day will you dedicate to the fishes and their tanks (cleaning, feeding, checking for illnesses, etc) per day?
    5 - 10 minutes
    Don't have time to check everyday, maybe 1 - 5 mins
    30 - 50 minutes
    1 - 3 hours
    20 - 30 minutes
  • 4
    How tame do you want your fish to get to you?
    Not sure, only birds and cats and dogs will be tame, not fish
    Just eat out of my hand
    Have feelings for me, be really happy & excited to see me
    Do trick or two
    Don't really need it to be too tame
  • 5
    What do you want to feed your fish every day?
    Just the fish food
    Live insects, feeder fish & some flakes designed for them
    Stale bread
    Just the fish food
    Just the fish food
  • 6
    What do you want to feed your fish as treats occasionally or when teaching them tricks?
    Bloodworms or brine shrimp
    Lettuce or brine shrimp
    Frozen peas
    Fresh bread
    More feeder fish! Maybe a frog! Or just bloodworms
  • 7
    How much do you think you will pay for the fish? ONLY THE FISH, NO SUPPLIES (Prices for 1 fish)
    Depending on variety, $10 - $500
    Depending on variety, $5 - $75
    $1 - $3
    I'll just catch one out of a pond
    $1000 - $20000
  • 8
    How big do you think you want your fish to be?
    2 - 5 cm long
    Depending on variety, 10 - 60 cm long
    3 - 8 cm long
    2 - 3 ft long
    A baby fish! 2 cm long
  • 9
    What do you think about breeding your fish a few weeks after you get them?
    Yes but I must plan my fry's future. They reproduce so fast
    No, just no. You need tons of space but awesome profit
    Must be very, very careful
    Maybe but I wouldn't too soon. Maybe a few more years
    Yes so I can have baby fish and they're so cute
  • 10
    Last question! Will you fishlessly cycle your tank before you buy your fish?
    Yes. My fish are precious. I will do every required step
    I prefer not to, but I will if I really need to
    Yes but I can't wait too long
    No if it's going to take more than a day
    Yes if it's life-threatening

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Goggyboggy ( 2.222 )
Posted 102 days ago
It was an ok quiz not bad