What anime race would you be

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Ever wondered what anime race you would be? Find out. Be honest for the best results

  • 1
    What do you treasure most?
    Salvation, freedom, kindness, family, and friends
    Power, strength, skills, my own agenda
    Family, friends, money, power, and strength
    Skills, family, loyalty, independence
    My life and that's about it
  • 2
    What would you prefer to do in your spare time?
    Look for a new, stronger power
    Train physically and/or mentally
    Help out like by doing volunteer work
    Spend time with my family and friends and/or take some alone time
  • 3
    What power or skill would you prefer to have?
    Speed and strength with my bare fists
    Raw power and unquenchable flames
    Wicked shooting skills and good agility
    I'd rather be a jack-of-all-trades
    Flight and healing/holy powers
  • 4
    If you saw an expensive, nice-looking car left all alone in an otherwise empty parking lot, what would you do?
    Either steal the car or scratch up the paint.
    Say, "What a nice car. I'm sure it makes the owner happy," and move on
    "Whatever" You couldn't care less.
    Be seriously tempted to steal the car and have to fight yourself not to.
    Laugh and brag about how your vehicle is superior in every way.
  • 5
    What kind of video games do you like?
    Role play games all the way! I love to be the hero!
    Racing games or First Person Shooters where I can show off my skills
    Games where can I smash and destroy things or fight simulations where can I defeat my opponent.
    The ones that you can play with family and friends.
    Video games are boring and lame
  • 6
    What is the best kind of ending to an epic story?
    Where the main protagonist defeats the antagonist, and he is now the strongest he could ever possibly be.
    Where the male hero falls in love with the female protagonist after a long hard battle/trial
    As long as there are explosions and action, who cares?
    Where the main character dies in an attempt to save the world.
    Where the main character defeats the villain of the story and saves the world. He's the hero!
  • 7
    What are some of your qualities/characteristics?
    Ambition, determination, loyalty, independence
    Kindness, compassion, love, friendliness, hope
    Strength, determination, loyalty, hope, two-sided
    Selfishness, loneliness, mysterious, agility
    Cold, heartless, loneliness, greed, strength
  • 8
    Let's say you found a cave that was rich in precious metals and gems. Previously, this cave was not owned. All of the wealth is yours. What would you do?
    I'd keep it all secretly and spend it on myself. I found it after all.
    Well, tithe on it, first. Then after, maybe throw some parties or get a bigger house or new car, or maybe some college. So many options!
    What do I need this stuff for? Leave it alone.
    Donate it to the local community to help better the area for everyone living there
    Tithe on it, donate some to charities, maybe set some aside for college
  • 9
    What's your favorite animal?
    Dogs! They are a man's best friend!
    Strong animals like lions.
    Creatures that stalk their prey like felines.
    An innocent, harmless creature like a little rabbit or song bird
    Creatures of the forest like birds, wolves, foxes, and bears.
  • 10
    Last question. Thanks for taking the quiz! What's your favorite season of the year?
    Spring because everything begins to grow and bloom without being too hot.
    Winter because it's cold, quiet, and relaxing.
    Summer! Perfect for parties and BBQ's!
    They are all beautiful with their own lovely qualities.
    Fall because it's cool and quiet.

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