Attack On Titan Quiz

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Here is an attack on Titan quiz, see if you know as much about attack on Titan as you think you do!

  • 1
    Who is the main Character? (easy)
    The Colossal Titan
    Armin Arlert
    Mikasa Ackerman
    Eren Yager
    Levi Ackerman
  • 2
    What are the names of the 3 walls?
    Trost, Shinganshina, Sina
    Maria, Rose, Sina
    Mara, Ross, Sina
    Marie, Rose, Sena
  • 3
    Where did cadet Jean Kirsten grow up?
    Frost District
    Trost District
    Wall Sina
  • 4
    What was the name of Levi Ackerman's mother?
    Mikasa Ackerman
    Kuchel Ackerman
    Carla Ackerman
    Marie Ackerman
    April Ackerman
  • 5
    What happened to Marco Bott?
    He was killed by the female Titan
    He lost his right leg and was sent to wall Sina
    He was revealed to be a Titan shifter
    He killed many Titans and was promoted in the survey corps
    He was found bitten in half by a Titan
  • 6
    In Jean's OVA, who won the cooking competition?
  • 7
    In Levi's OVA, where do he and his companions (Isabel and Farlan) live in the beginning?
    Wall Maria
    Beyond the Walls
    In the Underground beneath Sina
    In the underground below Maria
    In the Survey Corps HQ
  • 8
    What does Hange notice about Eren after Levi beat him in court?
    The cut on his arm had healed
    The swelling on his foot had completely disappeared
    The bruises on his head had faded
    The crack in his tooth had disappeared
    His tooth that fell out grew back
  • 9
    When Levi was first in the survey corps, what did they tell him about his blades/swords?
    He was holding them incorrectly
    His blades were sharper than usual
    His blades were broken
    His blades were very clean
    He wasn't very good at using them to kill Titans
  • 10
    In Levi's OVA, Why does Isabel try to escape the underground?
    She wanted to see the sun
    She needed to get treatment for an illness
    So she could get away from the military police
    So she could join the survey corps
    To free a bird that she found

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