Call of Duty Zombies Ultimate Quiz

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How much do you know about CoD Zombies?

  • 1
    Who is Dr.Maxis?
    The Panzer Soldat
    The protagonist in Shadows of Evil
    Samanthas Father who is the Main antagonist in the Green Run.
    The warlord that controls the Origins robots at the excavation site
  • 2
    In "The Giant" zombies map, what characters do we play as?
    Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo, Dempsey
    Russman, Misty, Stuhlinger, Marlton
    Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, SMG, Michael Rooker
    Billy, Weasel, Sal, Finn
  • 3
    What new perk-a-cola was introduced in the Die Rise map?
    Electric Cherry
    Vulture-aid Elixer
  • 4
    The Flogger trap and Arisaka rifles were set in which map?
    Call of the Dead
    Shi No Numa
    Shadows of Evil
  • 5
    Who stole Samantha Maxis' Dog and murdered it during an experiment?
    Dr.Ludvig Maxis
    Peter McCain
    Dr.Edward Richtofen
    Samuel Stuhlinger
  • 6
    The Avogadro can be killed in one hit using which of the following?
    EMP Grenades
    Iron Fists
    Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 'Jet Gun'
  • 7
    In "The Giant" zombies map who kills themselves without dying?
    Takeo Masaki
    Samantha Maxis
    Edward Richtofen
  • 8
    What SMG weapon was introduced in Verruckt that has been a fan favorite ever since?
    Ray Gun
  • 9
    The Archangel who freed the heroes was trapped where?
    The Rift
    Nacht der Untoten
    The Cycle
  • 10
    How many Panzer Soldats spawn after using the giants to unleash the horde in Origins?
    3 per player

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Jordan ( 5.188 )
Posted 25 days ago
yes fluffy i[BEEP]perimented by 1.0 Richthofen and put the "hellhound" in a room with SAM and maxis to try to kill them which fails, and Maxis is not the antagonist in Green Run it was Richthofen because Sam and him changed body's and richthofen and he is in the MPD and he is the antagonist in green run but i did look the quiz but think next time
Sean ( 5.169 )
Posted 32 days ago
The PPSH is an SMG it just doesnt seem like it compared to all the other SMGs
idk ( 91.92 )
Posted 60 days ago
Fluffy is secretly experimented on by Edward Richtofen and Maxis not just Maxis
Rob ( 5.242 )
Posted 64 days ago
the ppsh isnt an smg
Bainlyn ( 51.84 )
Posted 90 days ago
This doesn't really test skill. some of these can be solved by elimination. like the smg one. make them all smg's