Is your brain love-fried? (or are you just having a weird day)

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Sometimes, we get this WEIRD feeling, and everything around us changes....
We keep trying to figure out what's wrong with us....
Is this romance related, or just a phase?~
Let's take a look at the symptoms.... *adjusts glasses*

  • 1
    You wake up and take a look around you. How does the world look?
    -.- monotone and terrible and yucky and grey.
    Meh just another day
    >.> it's not that good...(but it might be if I get to see a certain someone....)
    Dude. I see pink and little heartshapes everywhere! And are these SPARKS right there!
  • 2
    You need to get dressed...
    So you open your closet!
    And, you see...
    Casual stuff. Normal Day. I see no problem.
    >~< Ugh I want to wear something nice... And look cute... WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? (me: o.o ok ok just relax)
    I wanna wear something very cute and pink and girlish and lovely and OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! (me: *pats you in the back*)
    : D I'll put on my AWESOME CLOTHES and head out! No need to miss another second of this awesome day!
    My boring clothes. I'll just grab something and wear it and be done with it.
  • 3
    You head out! On the way to wherever you're going to, you hope to meet....
    <.< n-no one in particular.... (me: -.- reeeeally?: P) ...OKAY SOMEONE MAYBE...
    No one in particular but I'm okay if I do meet someone
    <////< damn it.... there's someone i've been thinking actually.... >////> I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! (me: oh do tell, do tell!)
    AWWW I HOPE I GET TO SEE MY FRIENDS! OR ANYONE OTHER THAT I LIKE!~ (me: WHERE do you get this energy from! tell me ._.)
    No one. Just let me listen to my music alone please.
  • 4
    Sooo there's this random person that tells you they're interested in you... How do you react?
    Sorry...there's another idiot that lives in my head right now...I MEAN WOT (me: we all heard that.)
    >.> aw, that's flattering, thanks..!
    AW MAN THAT'S AWESOME.... I'LL THINK ABOUT IT! (me:'s caffeine right? it HAS to be.)
    <~< erm...erm.... I'm sorry, I can't return your feelings.! (me: er, you're blushing too hard.)
    I have no need for love or romance or stuff like that right now. It's unwanted trouble.
  • 5
    When your friends talk about boys you:
    *runs away while screaming* NOOO GET AWAY FROM ME! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING >//////<
    *blushes uncontrollably* ER..... I..... tell them about ... a certain someone...
    Er, sure. These conversations are usually fun!
    Just change the topic or do something else or stay silent. I can't relate to that.
    Owo I LOVE TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING! (me: you're so happy about everything! xD)
  • 6
    Have you been watching any rom coms lately?
    Er idk whatever's on tv I guess?
    *raises hand* g-guilty as charged..... BUT IN MY DEFENCE IT'S MORE LIKE BRDGET JONES AND STUFF LIKE THAT
    >///> m-maybe.... I try to relate to the characters.... it usually works! (me: that's cute ^W^)
  • 7
    Honestly, is there someone in your mind?
    YES! that's what I think, at least! (me:: D that's cool!)
    My family and friends!
    SOMEONE? I have loooooots of people in my mind!: D
    Nah not really
  • 8
    How have you been feeling lately?
    UGH.........IT'S JUST SO WEIRD! *pulls hair* (me: noooo your hair! you're ruining it!)
    Norma actually
    HAPPY VERY HAPPY HAPPIEST I'VE EVER BEEEEN!: D ( I bet you were BORN like this.)
    ^w^ happy around a certain person!
  • 9
    Pick a song! (don't mind the music genres please. Everyone listens to different stuff so... D: )
    Na Na Na - My chemical Romance
    I'm a Believer - Smashmouth
    Blue-eiffel 65
    I don't want to be in Love- Good charlotte
    Beautiful Day- U2
  • 10
    Last Question, People!

    Is there someone particular on your mind right now?
    Yes! TwT
    No that's a waste of time!
    AH! LOT'S OF PEOPLE! FRIENDS/ FAMILY/ COWORKERS (me: I'm just jealous of that positive aura of yours, but this wasn't meant in that way!)
    UGGGGGGH I'm an IDIOT..! (me: did you just avoid answering the question?:3)
    Nah not really/ not someone in particular

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