Does she like you?

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  • 1
    Is she always around you or as much as she can (being in the same class doesn't count!)?
    Nah, I barely see her
    Yes, I see her everywhere basically
    Hmm, I don't pay attention to it really
  • 2
    Does she act nervous around you? (Plays with hair, bracelets...)
    Hmm, I literally don't pay attention to it
    She's always nervous, for everything...
    Yeah, a lot.
  • 3
    Does she always ask you the questions and mostly, personal questions?
    Never. She doesn't care I guess.
    Yeah. It's getting awkward almost.
    Only when I did something stupid and the whole school knows it.
  • 4
    Does her friends tend to ask you a lot of questions? (Strange questions, maybe about your love life)
    You mean when we do an interview?
    Never. her friends don't even know me
    Yeah and then I feel like they're stalking me...
  • 5
    Does she try to let you get to know her friends more and do her friends also act awkward around you
    No and yes
    Yes and no
    No and no:(
    Yes and yes
  • 6
    Does she either act extra silly around you, extra tough or extra shy? (And I mean, you, not the other guys)
    Nah. She's as cool as ice like always.
    She has mood swings
    I don't pay attention! Heeeelloooo
  • 7
    Is she the one starting all conversations with you? (and happily, full interests of course)
    Sometimes she does, sometimes I do
    Sometimes... But I don't speak back, though
    Yeah... It's like she needs me almost
    Nope:'( Forever alone
  • 8
    Does she touch you unnecessarily?
    She does bump into me in class sometimes
    No... She doesn't like me OMG!
    She touches me sometimes
    Yep! Awkward...
  • 9
    Does she always talk about boyfriends around you or her future crush guy?
    I don't know...
    No... She never mentions her boyfriends. It's like she could be always single.
    I caught her glancing at them a lot?
    She mentions them all the time.
  • 10
    Does she mentions her life problems a lot when she speaks with you? Yes... if not, is she more like hinting her love for someone?
    I don't talk to her....
    She always mentions her problems and how busy she is:/
    Nope, she is always happy or crazy around me
  • 11
    How is the eye contact?
    On a scale from 1 to AWKWARD?
    I don't pay attention to it!
    She always does the "get the fuck away from me look":/
    She does look at me like with any other person
    AWKWARD! Like she looks at nothing but my face!
  • 12
    How happy is she around you?
    She's just a happy person
    Nah, thunderstorms everywhere
    Like, she'd light up if I came into the room!: p
    She does smile sometimes...
  • 13
    Can you tell she could be flirting with you?
    I guess...
    I only see her flirt with other guys:(
    Yeah, because I have senses for those things!
    Is avoiding you, flirting?
    I don't know..
  • 14
    And for the final, she stand close to you? (Does she lean in, is her body open towards you)
    I know how this quiz is going to end up like:( *cries
    I don't know.... I DON'T PAY ATTENTIOOOOON!
    Yeah. She feels quite good near me.
    Nope. She is always at least 10 feet away from me.

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