What is your warrior cats role?

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    You are a kit, and your litter mates are going to sneak out the camp and try and attack a fox. What do you do?
    Tag along with them
    Go and get rid of the stupid fox!
    Go along; if they hurt themselves, they won't know any herbs (but I do...: D )
    Stay and tell an older cat; we can't go we're too young!
    Persuade your blind brother not to go because it is a stupid idea
  • 2
    You end up going and your blind brother gets injured. What do you do?
    Yowl for help and attack the fox.
    Get the herbs you think will help him, quickly!
    Stay with him and comfort him until he is in StarClan.
    Stare around like a mouse-brain
    Kill the fox (or try...) then turn to your brother.
  • 3
    You are now an apprentice, and you spot a fox whilst out in the forest with your mentor. What do you do?
    Attack the fox! Tear its face off!
    Run back to camp and make sure the kits are okay, then tell your leader.
    Go back to camp and tell your leader immediately, then prepare herbs for the wounded.
    Check silently and quickly with my mentor and then attack.
    Look at my mentor for help.
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    You have earned your warrior name and there is a big battle against the enemy Clan. Your Leader, Mate and apprentice are all about to be killed. Who do you save in what order? (I KNOW THIS IS ONLY FOR WARRIORS)
    No matter how much it hurts, Leader-Mate-Apprentice
    I have to save the leader! Then apprentice then mate
    Leader-Apprentice I don't have a mate
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    What do you do after the battle?
    Look around wildly... where did all the fighting go...?
    Grieve for the dead...
    Help all the wounded
    Make sure all my kits are safe!
    Help organize the cats
  • 6
    What role do you want to be?
    I want to look after the little ones who will become good warriors one day...
    Help the wounded
    I will be a warrior one day!
    Be important or helpful
    FIGHT! HUNT! MENTOR! but especially fight:):)
  • 7
    Okay medicine cat part... What is Comfrey used for?
    It's for broken bones and soothing wounds.
    It's some sort of herb...
    It's a herb... used for bellyache isn't it?
    Umm... My sister can answer that....?
  • 8
    What do you do in your free time?
    Help the kits
    Hunt with my friends
    Bring water to the elders and kits
    Train with my fellow apprentices
    Talk to the senior warriors and sort out problems around the clans
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    Penultimate question! What do you love?
    Learning... anywhere
    Looking for herbs in the forest
    Feeling the wind in my face
    Being with my mate
    Talking to my Clan from the highrock/ledge
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    Last question! What is your favourite place?
    Pine forest...
    In the forest, where all the herbs grow
    On the moor
    By a river... obviously:)

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