What kind of man is he?

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An 18 question quiz that will tell you what kind of man he is. It's accurate if you answer honestly.

  • 1
    How does he take his coffee?
    Doesn't drink it
    Some stuff in it
    Black, right out of the pot
    More stuff in it than coffee
  • 2
    What does he do?
    He provides a service
    Sells something
  • 3
    How many products does he use to get ready for the day?
    More than 4
    2 or less
    3 to 4
  • 4
    How does he greet his buddies?
    Fist bump
    Handshake they made up
    High five
    Normal handshake
  • 5
    Princess Question #1: You have to work the weekend, but he is off. Does he bring you lunch?
    Yes, he just does it on his own
    Yes, if I ask
    He goes out of town
  • 6
    Who does his yard work and home repairs?
    He hires someone
    Family member or friend
    He does
  • 7
    Princess Question #2: It's cold outside and you have to leave. In the past, he has went out to start your car so that it is warm when you get in.
    True, if I asked him
  • 8
    Scenario #1: A family member is in the hospital. How often does he visit?
    Hes there all the time
    Few hours a day
    Few times a week
  • 9
    How does he workout?
    At a gym to do a workout routine and cardio
    He doesn't
    At a designated place at home
  • 10
    Princess Question #3: It has rained. In the past, he has given you a piggy back ride so you don't have to walk through the muck.
    I have given him one
  • 11
    Does he text?
    Yes, just friends and family
    Yes, everyone
    He hates it, but does it to see how my day is or to tell me he loves me
  • 12
    Scenario #2: A car is stranded on the side of the road. What does he do?
    Sometimes stop, depends on the situation
    Always stops and does what it takes to help
    Keeps driving
    Stops to be courteous, but doesn't really help
  • 13
    When he has pain, he:
    Whines about it
    Runs to his momma
    You never know until you see the medication in the bathroom
    Tells you about it
  • 14
    On your birthday, he:
    Just buys something he thinks you like
    Remembers that thing at that place from 6 months ago you liked
    Asks what you want and gets it
    Does nothing
    Makes something
  • 15
    He does or has smoked:
  • 16
    Scenario #3: He loses to you in something he is trying to win. He then:
    Demands a rematch
    Explains why he lost
    Congratulates you
    Makes an excuse
  • 17
    Scenario #4: You've cooked for the two of you, but it didn't turn out quite right. He then:
    Makes fun of your effort
    Cooks something else
    Eats it
    Orders out for dinner
  • 18
    Has he ever hurt himself just to make you laugh?
    I have and we both laughed

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Adele ( 0.162 )
Posted 158 days ago
lol this is inaccurate
doug ( 25.71 )
Posted 237 days ago
im not lazy you faggots
Unimpressed ( 6.136 )
Posted 296 days ago
Well Ann u came to the wrong place I did this for fun and it said my bf is lazy and has cheat days and everyone wants to punch him. When I put that he goes to the gym. He goes mon wed fri doesn't have cheat days and everyone loves him. My family likes him more than they like me lol
Ann ( 24.93 )
Posted 316 days ago
Jst trying to know what kind of guy he is before it too late to turn back