Eragon Quiz (contains questions of all the books)

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  • 1
    Roran and Katrina are happily married. But what was the color of the dress that Katrina wore on her wedding?
    Light blue
    The color of Saphira
  • 2
    Roran was heavily injured by the Ra'zac! Where and how did the Ra'zac injured Roran?
    They pierced their beak in Roran's right shoulder
    They pierced their beak in Roran's left knee
    They pierced their beak in Roran's right knee
    They pierced their beak in Roran's left shoulder
  • 3
    Angela has the weird habit to...
    ... say wise words directly after her werecat Solombum says something wise.
    ... be at the right place and the right time, just when something is happening or going to happen.
    ... return at least one time in a year back to her store in Teirm.
    ... make the weirdest brewings out of the weirdest ingredients.
  • 4
    Eragon is renamed after the first Dragon Rider, but also Saphira is renamed after a dragon. Who's dragon had also the name Saphira?
    Morzan's dragon
    Vrael's dragon
    Galbatorix' dragon
    Brom's dragon
  • 5
    The Urgals had given Angela a name, that name was Uluthrek. But what does the name mean in the language of humans?
    Sun Feeder
    Moon Eater
    River Queen
    Nature's Mother
  • 6
    The three woman in the palace of Halstead in Aroughs were stopped by Roran and his troop. With what was Roran threatening the youngest woman if she didn't say where Halstead was?
    He would kill the three ladies!
    He would kidnap her as a prisoner of the Varden!
    He would smack her beautiful teeth out!
    He said that he will burn the houses of her family!
  • 7
    What did Brom gave to Oromis, what Oromis had to give to Eragon if Brom dies?
    A fairth of his mother
    A hug; something he could never give to Eragon
    A stone with the color of his dragon which can obtain energy
    A letter with an excuse for not telling that he's Eragon's father
  • 8
    What was the name of the Shade that Arya and Eragon defeated?
  • 9
    Which character was doomed to live a horrible life because of Eragon?
  • 10
    The dwarfs of which clan tried to kill Eragon and his guards?
    Az Sweldn rak Anhûin
    Ragni Hefthyn

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