Which Mythical Creature are you?

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Ever wondered what mythical creature are you? Well, take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    You're out on the playground and your best friend comes out and asks you if you want to play basketball. What's your reaction?
    Who says I'll be outside? It's so hot......
    BASKETBALL? Ugh I'll get my clothes ruined. No thank you!
    Of course! *giggles*
  • 2
    What is your favorite color?(I know this question is asked A LOT)
    Black and red
    Black, royal purple, and dark Blue
    Omg I have like so much it's hard to decide! But how about gold?
    Pink! Purple!
  • 3
    It's Friday, and you're supposed to be at home, studying for the SAT. Suddenly, your mom comes in the room and tells you there is a call for you. It's your crush from school! He asks you out. But you're supposed to be studying! What do you do?
    Think about it, but say no. Studying is important.
    Omg why shouldn't I go? Like seriously, It could be my only chance!
    Get angry that your crush had to ask you out on this day. WHYYYYYY?
    Say no and keep studying. Anyways, I have better stuff to do
  • 4
    You get into a fight with your friend. The next day, she comes up to you and says sorry. What do you say back?
    "Hey that's ok! Oh yeah this you see that new outfit on Instagram? It is SO cute!
    "That's ok. I shouldn't have gotten mad"
    "Whatever. Just don't yell at me like that again. It creeps me out."
    "You shouldn't have said that word it was mean. Oh well I forgive you."
  • 5
    What are your hobbies?😀😀😀
    Reading, drawing, swimming
    Sports. All kinds of sports.
    Talking on my phone and looking up fashion designs!
  • 6
    How would people describe you?
    Bold, and tough
    Probably the shy one.
    Happy happy happy!
    Fashion geek!
  • 7
    What is your dream house?
    House in the middle of the forest
    Really? Does this affect my score?
    I really don't care! As long as I'm happy!
  • 8
    Are you:
    Not really popular, but no one teases or tries to annoy me. I'M DA BEAST!
    Super popular
    Not super popular, but everyone likes me
    In the shadows. Alone
  • 9
    Almost done! Ok a bully just smacked you in the face. What do you do?
    Give him an icy stare and walk away
    Cry and scream for the teachers
    "DIE YOU IDIOT!" *punch punch punch*
    Ask him why he hit me and try to sort things out
  • 10
    Did you think this quiz was good?
    It was ok
    It was great!
    Wait, what?
    It was good, but you need pictures. Preferably about fashion...

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adyson ( 3.202 )
Posted 321 days ago
who ever asked all of these questions is realy curios but I am too.