What type of girl are you?

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Are you girly? Sporty? Slutty? Find out 'ere

  • 1
    On the weekend you would:
    Party with the bitches and boyz from school
    Do maths
    See grandparents
    Hang out with friends
    Play sport and write narratives
  • 2
    You walk in school. A group of guys are playing soccer. A group of girls are taking selfies. a group of kids from the smart class are doing homework. Another group of girls are making their skirts shorter and a few kids in the corner are sharing a joke their Dad said on the weekend. Who do you walk to?
    Taking selfies
    Girls with the skirts
    Soccer with the guys
    Sharing jokes
    Doing homework (hey, I forgot to finish)
  • 3
    Your teacher says to do a presentation on any topic, you pick-
    Family outings
    How high heels are better than flats
    Why everyone should get their nails done
    How a soccer ball curves
  • 4
    You have a party. you:
    Plan it on your iPhone 6. Go to the mall and shop, shop, shop. Then have a fashion show.
    Get drunk, wasted, felt up and undressed on a table with your legs around a pole while your 7 boyfriends film.
    Traditional party. Pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey. invite your grandparents. Best party ever!
    Don't have a party, you have a history exam to study for.
    Plan it in the day. Text everyone 'Meet at the park in 10'. Grab a ball. Time for a great soccer game!
  • 5
    Your mum asks what you want for your birthday. You reply:
    A Chicabooti gift voucher
    Money for a plastic butt like Niki Minaj.
    New Adidas boots for your grand final.
    You simply just say, I want the family and I want to have a great time,
    A new science textbook.
  • 6
    You prepare yourself for school. You go-to hairstyle:
    Ponytail. bun. who cares? it's gonna come out after you ran around at recess anyway.
    Straightened and long, but not in your face so people can still see your makeup.
    Whatever your mum chooses when you ask her to do it for you.
    Braids and ribbons
    Low ponytail
  • 7
    You go out for dinner. You choose:
    Mascara, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick.. Short skirt and crop top. Both tight.
    Stuff going out, you need to study.
    Hair and curled, short dress and pink heels.
    Ask your parents how you should dress.
    Jeans, black singlet. Doc Martins. Hair up in a red bandanna.
  • 8
    Prom night. Your choice?
    The new outfit your mum sewed!
    Long dress, long sleeves, loose.
    A cute dress, you and your baes have them all matching, matching shoes and stud earrings.
    Short, tight dress, little coverage, cleavage showing. Looking good.
    Skinny jeans and a nice top, hair out and straight.
  • 9
    Dream job?
    Pole dancer.
  • 10
    You have to read a book of your choice. You pick:
    How to stick with your diet.
    Bend it Like Beckham.
    Family history.
    Maths in an hour.
    Looking for Alaska.
  • 11
    Movie of your choice?
    Toy Story.
    Mean girls.
    The Social Network.
  • 12
    How many guys have you been with?
    I'm not allowed to date.
    A few. On my soccer team. Nice and sensitive but funny.
    None-i just stare at them and giggle with my baes as we make up code names.
    One guy from tutoring.
    A lot. Slept with 'em, kissed 'em, dumped 'em. They love me.
  • 13
    You buy some new shoes:
    School shoes
    Converse/Air Maxs
  • 14
    Sunday night. You're:
    At the stadium watching your fav team play live.
    Texting your friends about who you like.
    Revising notes.
    Watching a movie with your family.
    At the club with a fake ID, getting off with a 20 year old guy.
  • 15
    Perfect outing?
    A place with a nice sunset so I can take some selfies.
    Boys school near me.
    With family
    World Cup Grand Final

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