What sort of dance should you do?

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Find out what dance type you are best at and what dance you should look into!

  • 1
    What type of dance looks most interesting to you?
    Hip hop
  • 2
    What is your body type?
    Maybe slightly curvy, medium build
    Curvy, skinny, chubby, athletic, anything! (Curvy like assets curvy)
    Curvy or athletic
    Long, lean, long limbs, maybe a little curvy but mostly graceful and thin-ish
    Pretty thin, but mostly medium
  • 3
    How flexible are you?
    Flexible enough, my back is decent, legs are decent I can maybe do a split... Well almost...
    Not very flexible, I can't touch my toes... Or maybe I can.... Depends
    I'm quite flexible, I can do a backbend and a split, maybe oversplit as well if I work
    I'm ok I can do a decent seal stretch/touch my toes and that stuff
  • 4
    Which describes you?
    I like to use my body for attention, I spend time with guys and flirt
    I flirt sometimes, I'm sassy, but I'm not always using my assets for attention
    I maybe crush on someone occasionally, but I'm not nasty because... Ew
    I don't use my body for attention, pay attention to ME not my butt!
    I'm innocent, why would people date and like guys, ew ew ew
  • 5
    If you were dancing alone how would you move?
    I'd be sassy, maybe wink once in a while, move to the beat and be all over the place like a crazy awesome person!
    Like a gymnast! Testing out some tricks and cool moves to see how they work!
    Very graceful and composed, like dancing royalty sorta
    With SWAGGER BABY! I'd be sharp and sort of lower to the ground I guess if that's how you describe it...
    I'd be quite floaty, slow maybe hold a position for a few counts and I would really channel the mood of the music
  • 6
    How do you dress?
    Something pretty, whether it's jeans and a cute top or skirts and cat sweaters lol
    Sassy! Sometimes short shorts, sparkly stuff, big hair accessories and all that jazz
    Sometimes layers, casual, funky, cool
    Whatever I feel like...
    I like pretty clothes, loose or fitted, doesn't matter too much
  • 7
    Another body question... What describes you best?
    Small or tall, elegant looking I'd be good at gymnastics
    Short legs, short arms, short arms, long legs or vice versa, long/short torso, whatever really
    Regular everything... Torso, legs, arms... What is this question?
    Short/medium torso, delicate pretty shaped head, long arms, long legs, pretty stick straight
    Longish limbs, torso doesn't matter
  • 8
    Yet another body question... Don't be shy about any of them you're perfect!
    Average (ya there's two averages I know)
    Sooooooooooooooooo skinny! Like bones!
    I'm a little or a lot bigger, curves or no curves, just heavier set
  • 9
    How tall are you?
    So tiny I'm like a little backpack you could pick me up like a baby and take my little self on a road trip!
    Either slightly shorter or slightly taller
    Very tall
    Don't care
  • 10
    Ok all these count the same!
    So happy! I want results!
    Squirrel! Shiny! Cupcake! Oh look, the last question! Can we score now?
    Goodbye, hello, hola, arrivederci
    Ho hum... Are we done?

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