Am I a good friend?

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  • 1
    Have you ever had thoughts about your friend(s) getting hurt?
    Have you ever had thoughts about your friend(s) getting hurt?
    Maybe a little but because she was rude to me
    Of course! All the time
    Of course not! Why would I?
    Only on certain occasions like when I'm mad and I need to laugh but I wouldn't want it to happen to her in real life.
  • 2
    If your friend ever dated a guy or girl and broke up with them would you date them behind their back?
    If your friend ever dated a guy or girl and broke up with them would you date them behind their back?
    Hell ya! He or she is hella cute and they broke up it doesn't matter
    No but I do have thoughts about it
    Maybe but I would live with guilt for the rest of my life
    No never! It's against girl code everyone knows that!
  • 3
    Your friend likes this boy or girl in her class and wants you to talk to him for her.
    Uh I'm to tired and he ain't even cute anyways
    No, Go do it yourself .
    Ok but next your doing it yourself
    Ya sure! Anything for my BFF
  • 4
    Your friend is going to the movies with her boyfriend or girlfriend and wants you to come
    Simply say no because you want those two lovebirds to have a great time
    Lie and say you're sick so you can stay home in your pj's all day
    Yes and trash the whole evening by sitting between both of them during the whole movie
    Say yes but be quiet during the whole night cause it feels awkward
  • 5
    You have 2 tickets to the movies that you and your friend have been waiting for, but your friend can't make it
    Bring someone else with you, I mean you've been waiting for the movie to come out ages ago
    Go to it but record the whole thing for your friend
    Wait another Day, I mean you can always exchange them
    Go to it but feels guilty you didn't go with your friend
  • 6
    Do you know everything about your best friend?
    When was her birthday?
    I would have to ask him or her what she or he wanted for her or his birthday over and over again
    Yes! from since the time she was born
    Yea not everything but most of the time yea
  • 7
    If your friend asked you for your advice. what would you say?
    I would lie so I don't hurt her feelings even if it's bad
    I would be honest and I wouldn't care if she got hurt
    I would be completely honest but nice so I don't hurt her feelings
    It depends on the situation
  • 8
    You and your friend had a dispute over something and you're not talking.
    I would call her and apologize because you didn't mean what you said
    Wait until she calls you. You didn't start she did!
    I would call her and hope that she apologizes first
    I would call and tell her to forget about the problem and pretend like nothing happened
  • 9
    Your friends has been spending more time with you partner and you feel a bit left out
    You don't care I mean you're happy for them. That's all that matters
    You get totally jealous and ignore her for the rest of the day
    Sure it bothers you a bit but it's your friend you understand
    You wish it was you there with you partner instead of her
  • 10
    How do you find your friend?
    She or he is a very good friend to you. He or she are like family to you
    Your still wondering why your still friends with her
    She's your best friends you may have your differences but that never gets in the way
    You have your ups and downs with her she understands you
  • 11
    How do you describe yourself as a friend?
    A bit rude, always have your friend's back
    Rude, don't care if you hurt someone 's feeling, don't care what people think of you
    Positive, nice kind hearted person who's always there for her or him
    Loyal, a bit of attitude, good
  • 12
    Do you like your friend?
    Yes forever
    Not really

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