How long until you get your first period?

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This is a quiz to see how long until your first period?

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How far off are you from the age that your mum got her first period?
    I'm younger than her
    I'm a lot younger than her, but I'm around about the same age as when my sister got hers
    I'm way older than her
    Same age
    I'm a bit older than her
  • 3
    How much pubic hair do you have (on your vagina)?
    Almost fully grown
    A little bit (light and whispy)
    Fully grown
    Getting darker
  • 4
    Do you get vaginal discharge? (white/yellow gooey stuff in your undies)
    What's that?
    A little bit (stringy)
    I can feel it when I walk
    A lot! (need to wear panty liners)
    A normal amount
  • 5
    How often do you get vaginal discharge?
    Every so often
    I get it everyday
    Not very often
  • 6
    How long ago did you hit puberty?
    1-2 years ago
    I haven't yet
    Less than a year
    3+ years ago
  • 7
    How big are your breasts?
    Starting to get round
    Fully grown
    Getting bigger
    I'm flat!
  • 8
    Do you have underarm hair, if so how much?
    Getting darker
    Fully frown
    A little bit
    Almost fully grown
  • 9
    How much do you weigh?
    45-50 kg
    40-45 kg
    30-35 kg
    35-40 kg
  • 10
    How long have you had discharge for?
    Haven't got it yet
    1+ year
    Less than 6 months
    6 months - 1 year
  • 11
    How much have you grown in the past year?
    1 inch
    1-2 inches
    2+ inches
  • 12
    How much acne do you have?
    Lots but aren't visible
    A few
    A fair few
    Full face
  • 13
    Do you wear a bra?
    Training bra/ crop-top
    B + cup
    A cup
    Aaa-aa cup

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Riley ( 0.202 )
Posted 30 days ago
I've taken many (and I mean like a million) quizzes for periods, and lately they have all been a range of any second- 4 months.
This one say 1-3 months! I can't help but be a little happy!
Amber ( 3.198 )
Posted 34 days ago
Can someone predict me?

12 years old, 7 months till im 13
Mom got hers when she just turned 13
AA cup or the next size up
A good bit of hair down there
Have to shave my underarms every week or so
I have a LOT of discharge
Last week i got cramps like every day but now its every 2 days or so
I get moody every day/every other day
I have a good few spots mainly inbetween my eyebrows, 2-3 on my cheeks, and 1-2 on my nose
I've had discharge for about 1 year
Please predict me somone, 5 girls in my class hav theirs and i feel reall left out!
Jcjdjjdjdkd ( 8.154 )
Posted 48 days ago
Mine said 1-4weeks and almost every other says 1 month should I carry a pad around
Woof ( 50.17 )
Posted 66 days ago
Yesss 1-4 week!!!!!I want mine so bad!
Anonymous20 ( 156.7 )
Posted 66 days ago
Omg it said 1-4 weeks!! Is this actually really accurate? Bc I really want to know if I'm going to get it soon.
bekah ( 6.137 )
Posted 68 days ago
Mine said 1-3 months and I wanna talk to my mom but I don't want her to suspect anything or know that I'm taking these tests. BUT YAY I'M SO EXCITED I WANT MINE SO BAD!!!!!!!
Kenn ( 55.43 )
Posted 69 days ago
1-4 weeks yay I want mine
Lulu ( 4.122 )
Posted 73 days ago
Izzy,it can come earlier than you think,so don't worry💕😇
Bridget ( 1.254 )
Posted 88 days ago
1-4 weeks so cool I am so excited but scared hope I will be like my friend
Izzy ( 47.54 )
Posted 111 days ago
1-3 months! Eek! I want it SOOOOOOO bad
Raegan ( 4.180 )
Posted 118 days ago
I keep getting 1-4 or any day now on like 20 test! Does that sound like its trust worthy or just a random score? I don't want to be to excited if it doesn't come. Because YES I AM SO EXCITED!!
Girl ( 5.147 )
Posted 150 days ago
So I have averaged out all the quizzes I have taken and it's about 2 months. I have all the symptoms but nothing is completely fully grown. I have had discharge for exactly six months but and I wear panty liners but it's a medium amount/ small. When do you think it will actually come? Please reply
simply me ( 5.163 )
Posted 151 days ago
the word was breasts and if that was bleeped it was the thing girls have on their chests that growing during puberty
simply me ( 5.163 )
Posted 151 days ago
the beep was the thing going on your chest for girls
simply me ( 5.163 )
Posted 151 days ago
1-3 months! yes! first of all i am a walking giant 5 foot and 8 inches! and i'm 11! i had cramps during church today! TALK ABOUT BAD TIMING!
my [BEEP] are getting bigger and bigger by the day and my discharge is stick and wet and just plain uncomfortable every single freaking morning! so i KNOW that my period is coming some time in 1-3 months.
kk ( .6.50 )
Posted 154 days ago
I'm with Goldi. I want mine because my 12 year old best friend will whisper to me 'u r not a woman...' and I have most symptoms. Like some people, I don't think i will get cramps, and I'm just not gonna get tall. I'm a short Indian gymnast lol! I'm like 5 ft 1 in IF THAT
random ( 64.30 )
Posted 160 days ago
I got 1-4 weeks and a little scared because all of the quizzes I took say that and so did my doctor and my friend just got hers and had these really bad cramps and I don't want to have those
Jenny ( 1.142 )
Posted 166 days ago
12 years old isnt late to get it. I am almost 13 and I don't have it yet. These quizzes arent always right. It depends how correct you answered the quiz questions. If you tell me your symptoms I can predict for you
WatDaFluff??? ( 24.41 )
Posted 168 days ago
I keep getting any day now, but those are the same answers I was getting FIVE months ago! I don't want it AT ALL, but I think something might be wrong, I'm turning twelve very soon. Somebody please help!
Jenny ( 1.142 )
Posted 169 days ago
I would say your period will come in 2-9 months. You have some symptoms but not all. But, you could get it at any time!