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    What is Jar'ka?
    It's a type of Lightsaber Focusing Crystal.
    It's a type of alloy that some Lightsabers are made of.
    It's the term used to describe the use of 2 or more Lightsabers at the same time in combat.
    It's a planet near Naboo.
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    What is the rarest Lightsaber colour?
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    What exactly is a Sabercane?
    It's a special combat move, where the user cuts the hands off the opponent, before stabbing them with their Lightsaber
    It's a type of Force Power that is used in Lightsaber Combat
    It's a planet where the Lightsaber alloys are found
    It's a type of focusing lens used in the construction and function of a Lightsabe
    It's a type of Lightsaber that is in the shape and form of a normal cane
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    If you are a Jedi (assuming this is some time BEFORE the Clone Wars) how would you get a Lightsaber?
    Your master would give it to you if you reached the age of 14(for Humans)
    You would have to arrest a criminal, by yourself, and then you would be given one
    You would use the power of the Force to build one for yourself
    You have to kill a Sith and take his/her Lightsaber for yourself, but change the design to your likings
    You would have to complete a hard test by the Jedi Council, and if you completed it, they would give you one
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    What is the most hardiest Lightsaber to block blaster shots with?
    The Double ended Lightsaber
    The Light Whip
    The Dual-phrase Lightsaber
    The light club
    The Standard Lightsaber
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    What is Juyo?
    It's a very advanced Lightsaber Combat Form
    An act of killing your opponent with a Lightsaber by cutting their head off
    It's a animal native to the planet of Hoth
    It the act of cutting your opponent's Lightsaber in half, using your own
    It's a type of Force Crystal
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    What is the Falling Leaf Technique?
    It's a Lightsaber Combat move where you violently throw your opponent in the air using the Force
    It's a Lightsaber Combat move where you crouch, then jump up (trying to hit your opponent) and swing around and slam your blade down on there's with a lot of force
    It's a kind Force Power that is used to rip the opponent's Lightsaber out of their hand
    It's a Lightsaber Combat move where you hit your opponent's blade at a high angle and the at a low angle in a quick motion
    It's a Lightsaber Combat move where you throw your Lightsaber at your opponent at a high angle
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    Where is most of the Lightsabers Focusing Crystals found?
    On the planet Illum
    On the planet of Ryloth
    On the planet Yarvin
    On the planet Typhon
    On the planet Malchor V
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    Can you BUILD a Lightsaber Focusing Crystal?
    Yes, but you need to have the Force and have to have some skill in it.
    Yes, but only if you harness the power of a star and apply that power to a crystal using a special machine
    Yes, but you need the force and at least 10 Force Crystals
    No you can't it's impossible
    Yes, they are mass produced all the time
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    What does a BLUE Lightsaber mean often (BUT NOT ALWAYS) mean?
    You are a Jedi Sentry
    You are a Jedi Consular
    You are a Jedi Knight
    You are a Jedi Guardian
    You are a Jedi Master

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