When will your Period come?

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  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Has your chest grown?
  • 3
    Do you have hair down there?
  • 4
    What kind of bra do you wear?
  • 5
    Do you need to use panty-liners?
  • 6
    What grade are you in?
  • 7
    Do you like any boys from school/church/sports/etc.?
  • 8
    What show do you/would you most likely watch?
  • 9
    Do you get mad easily?
  • 10
    Do you know how to style/do your own hair?

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17 days ago
mya (29744)
81 days ago
this test is really mainly based on maturity wich has nothing to do with it so INACURATE
random gal (36004)
108 days ago
I should have gotten it already. WHAT?!? IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?!? ;_; (nah I'm just kidding) ;)
RUB•E (35235)
109 days ago
Yaaas I know I've been watching the whoooole playlist xD
Taylor (17897)
140 days ago
Guys! Check out Marissa Rachel's YouTube channel! She has a whole playlist about periods, and they are super helpful! Love her!
Person (23066)
220 days ago
Mickey I have not have mine yet so this may not help but I think yours will come pretty soon.
Mickey (61620)
241 days ago
Hi! Can someone help me? It said I should have gotten it/tomorrow-one month!
I'm almost 14
I am 96lb & 5"1
I wear mainly sports bras (aaa-aa)
I rarely ever have cramps
My breasts are super sore 24/7
I don't have bad acne, just an oily/combination skin type
I have headaches and I'm nauseous a lot
I'm super moody a lot and have had a lot more cravings recently
Most of the other quizzes I've taken have ranged from anyday now to 2 months
I'm the only one of my friends who doesn't have it :( I rly want it!
Potato chips (95458)
295 days ago
It says I should've gotten already
IDK (60823)
295 days ago
You should have gotten it already. You have matured and so has your body. If this continues until you're 17 you should see a doctor. Who knows, you might even get it today, tomorrow, or this month! HELP IM NOT READY. IM 12
me (07668)
322 days ago
there is nothing to worry about I have got it already yes you can get really bad somache cramps but take some paracetamol then you should be fine if it hurts so much go to the doctor but you should be fine
trust me !!!
Someone (77487)
505 days ago
I think everyone's answer is you should have already got it. Any other answers or is this test a fraud?
Nope (05417)
526 days ago
So I should have gotten it already? 😂 Lol clearly not if I don't have it
*eyeroll* (94049)
526 days ago
I should have gotten it already?! Nope.
jj (96335)
563 days ago
KaleCHIPS --- dont worry from what I heard you period is not all that bad. And these tests are inaccurate you know so you probably won't hace it till a couple of months later.
KaleCHIPS (39091)
563 days ago
It says I should have gotten it already. Wut. NOPE I'M OUT
jj (96335)
565 days ago
Not name ---- no! Where did you hear that ?!! You get discharge 6 months -2 years before you get your period. Probably you had discharge but didnt realise until yesterday but u dont get discharge 2 weeks before your period:).
No name (10371)
568 days ago
Oh my god it says I should've got it already. Yesterday I noticed something they call it discharge. They say it happens two weeks before you get your period. Im so scared. Wish me luck bye
Chloe123 (13283)
592 days ago
I got 90% it should have happened already......what do i do
Vanesa (29277)
616 days ago
It says Ishould have already gotten it! It also says if not (whichin my case) then llater, tommorow, next week in in a month!!! Eeekkkkk!!!! Fingerscrossed
mariegirl (38322)
656 days ago
raii---hey! this might seem kinda weird, cuz im a 12 almost 13 year old giving a 15 year old advice, but here goes! first of all, its normal to get your period anywhere between the ages of 8-17, so you should expect it any day now. also, if you know when your mom/older sister got hers, youll most likely get your period within a year of her. and i would wear pantyliners every day, just so youll be prepared. and if you dont get it by the time you are 17 youll want to see a doctor. but until then, just ask your mom or doctor for advice! try to focus on things that are more important in your life until your day comes! remember, dont sweat it, you'll get it eventually!
Hope this helped and good luck for when yo do get it!-----mariegirl