Are your friends good friends?

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What if they're using you... you may never know. Until you take this quiz!

  • 1
    If you tell your friends you like Pokemon they:
    Shrug and continue talking
    They like it too!
    Laugh at me.
    Smile and say it's ok because everyone is different
  • 2
    You wear a tight tube top, short shorts, heels, and pounds of makeup. Your friends:
    Go and buy the same outfit to match!
    Say you look different, but they don't mention it later on that day
    Say you look ridiculous and to go change.
    Look for a second and continue talking
  • 3
    You're crying in front of them because you got hurt/rejected/broke-up/etc.and they:
    Tell you to stop being a wimp and pick yourself up
    Cry with you and hug you
    Buy you a candy, toy, etc. and try to make you feel better.
    Tell you "It's okay." and finish what they were talking about previously
  • 4
    You trip in front of the whole school. Your friends:
    They fall with if it were some sort of act, but you all laugh at the end
    They help you up and quickly help you to the table
    Walk by like they don't know you, and laugh
    Walk off to their regular table. They didn't even notice you came to school
  • 5
    You drop your binder while walking with your friends.. your friends:
    Look and wait for you to pick up your things
    Laugh and help you pick up your things and carry your binder for you
    Help you gather all your things
    Kick it and laugh
  • 6
    All your friends get invited to a party. Except you. Your friends:
    Say "too bad" and go party without you
    Didn't even want to go in the first place
    Stay home with you and you guys have a little party of your own
    Go, but they feel bad so they bring you a little gift afterwards
  • 7
    You wear a plaid sweatshirt, gray sweats, and black slippers to school because you woke up late, your friends:
    Give you a disgusted look but don't say anything to you
    Ask you what happened and understand why you look like that
    Say you look ugly/weird/dumb and force you to go change
    Tell you 'it's okay' because if anything happens they've got your back
  • 8
    You forgot your homework that's worth 75% of your grade. Your friends:
    Forgot to do their homework too
    Laugh and say "too bad. Go call your grandma to bring it"
    Tell you they'll wait for you outside the office until your mom brings it
    Let you copy off of them with no doubts
  • 9
    You gained a few pounds. Your friends tell you:
    Try to encourage you to exercise up a bit so you'll fit into your dress
    They don't mind
    You're fat
    Tell you that your weight doesn't change your appearance in their eyes
  • 10
    You wear white shorts today.... you get a surprise period.Your friends:
    Always walk in front of you were in the one had a clue
    Lends you a pad/wipe/etc.and tells you to tie your sweater around your waist
    Secretly tells you to go to the nurse/office to get a pad
    Notice, and laugh but don't say anything
  • 11
    Half of your hair is curled..your friends notice and they:
    Let you borrow a hair tie so you can put a messy bun/ponytail/etc.
    Laugh and don't tell you
    Tell you secretly
    Didn't even notice
  • 12
    You have lipstick on your teeth and you're about to go on a date. Your friends:
    Let you embarrass yourself
    Tell you to look in the mirror
    Aren't even hanging out with you today
    Clean it for you:)
  • 13
    You give each of your friends a friendship bracelet/necklace. They:
    Smile, hug you and thank you happily
    Put it on and keep it on for the rest of the school year
    They put it on and say "cool" or "thanks"
    "Thank" you for it, but you see them secretly throw/put it away
  • 14
    You want to join the math club. Your friends say:
    "That's lame"
    "That's great! You can show off your math skills now!"
    "We should ALL join...TOGETHER!"
  • 15
    Last question. You get kidnapped.. (sorry about that) and you come out on the news..what would your friends say/do?
    Try and help find you and pray that you get found
    Cry all day every day and try to help find you 24/7
    Their wish came true
    They don't remember that you were their friend

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