Are you a good rabbit caretaker?

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Rabbits are hard, but let's see if you can handle it!

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    What's the minimum size for a rabbit enclosure?
    Basically, 4x4x3', but bigger is much more ideal OR free roam.
    Just enough for it to take a hop and lay down. It doesn't need to stand up at all.
    Keep it a cage big enough for it to sit in because a bigger one is unnecessary.
  • 2
    What food is suitable for an adult rabbit?
    Just commercial stuff.
    Only pellets and veggies.
    Unlimited timothy hay or grass, limited plain brown pellets are supplementary, approx. 2 cups fresh variety of greens.
    Grass or oat hay, any pellet, and lots of carrots.
    Carrots without tops only.
  • 3
    What is a good companion for a single rabbit?
    A human.
    They do not need one.
    Another rabbit.
    Cat or dog.
    A guinea pig.
  • 4
    Do rabbits need pellets?
    No, because processed food is a really bad and they will die from it.
    Yes, they are the main part.
    No, all they need is carrots.
    Yes, but only as treats.
    No, they are supplementary and should be limited.
  • 5
    What is the proper way to pick up a rabbit?
    Scruff him and carry him because that doesn't hurt them.
    The ears.
    The back legs, even if they kick.
    By supporting its chest and bum with both hands or a football tuck.
  • 6
    Should rabbits be neutered/spayed?
    Yes, but only if it has cancer.
    No, because there need to repopulate.
  • 7
    Should they be indoors, outdoors, or have a choice between both at all times unsupervised?
    Indoors and only outdoors with water and supervision.
    Choice between the two because it's smart enough to avoid bad things.
    Outdoors because they smell.
  • 8
    Are rabbits good pets for young children?
    Yes they are extremely cuddly and love being held. They also never bite and can be dropped
    Generally, no, because they are dangerous and fragile, unless the young child is very mature and empathetic. 8 and under cannot handle rabbits right.
    Yes, because they teach responsibility.
  • 9
    What is a good reason to get rid of a rabbit you have bonded with?
    You don't like it anymore.
    It is suffering by incurable sickness.
    You think it's not cute enough.
    You don't wanna spend money on it.
    Your kids neglect it.
  • 10
    Are rabbits fragile?
    No, because I have hit them and they haven't gotten hurt much.
    Yes, because they are very dumb.
  • 11
    What level maintenance are rabbits?
    Extremely difficult and high.
    Moderate - High.
  • 12
    Are rabbits interactive?
    Yes, but only because you give them stuff; if you stopped providing food, but kept providing love, they would hate you nonetheless.
    Not at all, they just sit, eat, poop, and sleep.
    Yes, if treated right.
    No, because they are stupid.
  • 13
    Are rabbits smart?
    Yup, just around the same intelligence as a large dog.
    They are smarter than humans.
    Not at all, they could be slapped and still not know what hit them.
  • 14
    If you've had a rabbit, did you pet it and cuddle it?
    It wouldn't let me because I hit it!
  • 15
    How do you discipline rabbits?
    You reward good behavior but do nothing for bad.
    Tap their nose when they do something bad.
    Slap them across the face when they do something bad.
    Do nothing when they do anything.

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