Halo lore test

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25 Questions - Developed by: Matt - Developed on: - 4.535 taken

A test to see how much you know about the halo universe and its games

  • 1
    What was the name of the human ship in the first game?
    Forward unto dawn
    Roman blue
    Spirit of Fire
    Pillar of Autumn
  • 2
    How many Spartans were on the Pillar of Autumn when it arrived at Alpha Halo?
  • 3
    How many covenant ships were present during the Prophet of Regrets assault on Earth?
  • 4
    Who is Colonel James Ackerson?
    Insurrectionist Colonel who headed the Eridanus rebels
    U.N.S.C Colonel who fought during the harvest campaign
    Office of Naval Intelligence section III head
    Spartan III program creator
  • 5
    What unit was Noble team part of?
    U.N.S.C Navy
    U.N.S.C Marine Corps
    Spartan III Headhunters
    Special Warfare Group III
  • 6
    How many members of Noble Team were there, including KIA members (note some not always present on team roster)?
  • 7
    What is the call sign of the O.D.S.T squad you play as in Halo 3 ODST?
    Echo Five one
    Lima eight six
    Bravo two three
    Kilo Four zero
  • 8
    What ships did Captain Jacob Keyes command before the Pillar of Autumn?
    U.N.S.C Iroquois
    U.N.S.C Canberra
    No other ships
    U.N.S.C Heart of Midlothian
  • 9
    What was the original roster of Blue team?
    John-117 Frederick-104 Kelly-087 Linda-058
    John-117 William-043 Linda-058
    John-117 Frederick-104 Kelly-087
    John-117 Samuel-034 Kelly-087
  • 10
    What was the real name of the Assault Rifle in Halo Combat Evolved?
    MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System
    MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System
    MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System
    Assault Rifle
  • 11
    What Rifle did Corporal Johnson use during Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE?
    SRS99C Series 2 Anti Material
    Sniper Rifle
    Model 99 Special Applications Scoped Rifle
    SRS99 Anti Material
  • 12
    What Ship Did Lieutenant Commander Miranda Keyes Command before the in Amber Clad?
    U.N.S.C Stalwart Dawn
    U.N.S.C Hilbert
    U.N.S.C Saratoga
    U.N.S.C Forward Unto Dawn
  • 13
    Who is Gunnery Sergeant Marcus P. Stacker?
    A generic marine who was in the game Halo Reach
    A marine NCO who served aboard the U.N.S.C Spirit of Fire
    A marine NCO who died during the fall of reach
    A marine NCO who fought across all discovered halo installations
  • 14
    Which Ark was the one Humanity Discovered in 2552?
    Lesser Ark
    Greater Ark
    There was only one Ark
  • 15
    What year did the Human-Covenant war end?
    September 22, 2552
    December 11, 2552
    July 23, 2557
    March 3, 2553
    August 30, 2552
  • 16
    What Operation took place in between the Battle of Installation 04 and the first battle of Mombasa?
    Operation: FIRST STRIKE
    Operation: TANGLEWOOD
    Operation: PROMETHEUS
    Operation: TREBUCHET
    Operation: TORPEDO
  • 17
    What happened to Kurt-051 after his disappearance during the mission at Groombridge 34?
    He escaped by unknown means and returned to Reach
    He was never see again
    He was recruited to teach the Spartan IIIs
    He was found dead later in the mission
  • 18
    What is the Registration mark on the Pillar of Autumn?
  • 19
    Who proposed the creation of the Spartan IV Program?
    Catherine Halsey
    Serin Osman
    Commander Musa-096
  • 20
    What is the full name of the Warthog?
    M12 Force Application Vehicle
    M12 Light Armored Vehicle
    M12 Rapid Assault Vehicle
    Warthog-class jeep
  • 21
    How Many Human ships were present during the Battle of Installation 00?
  • 22
    How many ships were in the Fleet of Particular Justice when it attacked Reach?
  • 23
    What Rank was Sergeant Major Johnson before during the Battle of Installation 04?
    Staff Sergeant
    Gunnery Sergeant
    Master Gunnery Sergeant
    Master Sergeant
  • 24
    When was Vice Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole's "last stand"?
    Battle of Chi Ceti IV
    Battle of Onyx
    Fall of Reach
    Battle of Psi Serpentis
  • 25
    When was the Eulogy for Spartan-B312 given by Doctor Catherine Halsey?
    June 6, 2573
    October 22, 2607
    July 7, 2589
    February, 12 2567
    August 30, 2581

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