Does He Like You Back?

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    Rate, from 1 - 5, your closeness
    1 - we're not close; though we often meet in the hallways, we've always just looked at each other and nonchalantly continue walking.
    5 - we're best friends, really really great best friends. We talk about the most personal things and have shared our own secrets; it's like we have no boundaries when it comes to personal things.
    2 - we're acquaintances at best, we say hi ever so often, but we aren't what you could call peers. We converse when need be, but not when need not (except for greetings, as per said a while ago).
    3 - we're friends, but not more than that, I think. We say hi, have talked a couple of times, more than usual sometimes, mostly because we have mutual friends. We acknowledge each other's presence but it doesn't go to the point that we talk about personal things.
    4 - we're close; we aren't best friends but he has shared a lot of personal things and so have I.
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    How does he approach you on most days?
    He bumps into me (coincidentally or not), and we spark a conversation
    I'm the one who approaches him, to be very honest, and then we start a conversation
    He gets pushed by his friends; in the end, he does approach me and we spark a conversation
    He does it willingly and starts the conversation
    He doesn't approach him nor do I to him
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    Who starts the conversation on most days?
    Honestly, it's me
    His friends does it for him
    We don't talk to each other that much, just a tired wave to each other
    It's him
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    What are your conversations mostly about?
    About me, really, but only because he asks questions
    The two of us, exchanging stories and whatnot
    About him, mostly because I ask
    About him, mostly because he shows it off
    About me, but only because I want to tell him
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    Have you ever caught him looking at you?
    Yes, sometimes, but he doesn't react when I look back
    Yes, a lot of times, even, but when I look back, he immediately looks away
    Yes, a lot of times, and when I look back, he waves a greeting and smiles and turns away
    I don't know, really, first I look at him and, for some reason, he looks back at me and then I immediately turn away as he does the same
    No, I look at him and his eyes are fixed on another thing
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    Has he ever tried to show something off?
    Yes, but only because I ask
    Yes, he talks to me and shows off either a thing, an worthy experience or a funny story
    No, I usually get it from another somebody
    No, we don't usually talk
    Yes, he has a pretty damned ego, he does it to everyone
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    Pick a brief sentence he says when he implies you're attractive
    "Lol, I find everyone pretty." . . . "Yeah, sure, including you."
    "You are pretty."
    "Hey, (Your Name) is pretty!"
    We don't usually talk, and if we do, not about that
    "I find _____ pretty, I find you pretty."
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    Do you and him have the same taste?
    Yes, except for books and movies
    Yes, he likes the same music, books and movies and way of dressing up as me
    Yes, except for music
    Yes, except for two/three things
    Yes, except for fashion
  • 9
    When something happens, who does he tell it to first?
    I hear it from the others
    His best friend, then me, then others
    Me, I'm his best friend, then others
    Me, then his best friend, then others
    His best friend, then other (I'm part of the others)
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    Have you ever confessed?
    No, I can't; he's my best friend
    Yes, I told him myself
    No, we don't talk; I can't find the perfect moment
    Yes, but only because someone blackmailed me to do so
    Yes, but I didn't tell him, my friends did

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