The Beatles: Are you a fan of the Fab Four?

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Are you a fan of the Fab Four? Test your knowledge of the Lads from Liverpool here.

  • 1
    Who was the youngest Beatle?
    John Lennon
    Paul McCartney
    Ringo Starr
    George Harrison
  • 2
    Who was known as the Cute Beatle?
    George Harrison
    Paul McCartney
    Ringo Starr
    John Lennon
  • 3
    Which Beatle enjoyed causing trouble?
    Paul McCartney
    Ringo Starr
    George Harrison
    John Lennon
  • 4
    Which Beatle died in Hamburg, Germany in 1962?
    Pete Best
    Finn Harries
    Stuart Sutcliffe
    Yoko Ono
  • 5
    Which song was included on the LP A Hard Day's Night?
    Any Time At All
    Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
    No Reply
    Every Little Thing
  • 6
    Which song is included in the film A Hard Day's Night?
    I'll Follow the Sun
    If I Fell
    Any Time At All
    Roll Over Beethoven
  • 7
    What song does Ringo wander to in the film A Hard Day's Night?
    His Boy
    This Boy
    Their Boy
    That Boy
  • 8
    What does George call the shirts that he is asked about in the film A Hard Day's Night?
  • 9
    Which Beatle has had "Fiendish Attempts" to be sacrificed in the film Help?
  • 10
    Which Beatle dated Jane Asher?
    Ringo Starr
    Paul McCartney
    George Harrison
    John Lennon
  • 11
    Which Beatle had a successful first marriage?
  • 12
    Which Beatle married Pattie Boyd?
    Paul McCartney
    John Lennon
    George Harrison
    Ringo Starr
  • 13
    Who plays Paul's grandfather?
    Wilfred Brambell
    Charles Dickens
    William Bell
    Winfred Brown
  • 14
    Which Beatle DIDN'T remarry after having been married once already
    None of Them
    All of Them
  • 15
    The song All Those Years Ago by George Harrison is about which Beatle?
    Ringo Starr
    Paul McCartney
    John Lennon
  • 16
    Which Beatle(s) is/are left-handed?
    John and Ringo
    Ringo and George
    John and George
    Paul and Ringo
  • 17
    Who shrinks and hides in an ashtray in the film Help?
  • 18
    Finish the lyric and identify the song. "Is there anything..."
    "For you to do?" Help!
    "I could do?" Tell Me Why
    "For me to help you?" I'll Follow the Sun
    "That I can do?" From Me To You
  • 19
    Which songs are about serial killers?
    Helter Skelter and Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    Lovely Rita and Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    Let it Be and Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill and Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  • 20
    Which Beatle has been knighted by the Queen of England for his services to music?
    John Lennon
    George Harrison
    Paul McCartney
    Ringo Starr
  • 21
    Finish the lyric. "When I was younger, so much younger than today..."
    "I never needed anybody's help in any way."
    "She told me to not need help in any way."
    "I always needed people's help in every way."
  • 22
    "I've every reason on Earth to be mad"
    "Cos I just lost that girl, now I'm sad."
    "Cos you just took the only girl I had."
    "Cos I just lost the only girl I had."
  • 23
    What song was that?
    Things We Said Today
    I'll Cry Instead
    But I Can't
    I Will
  • 24
    What LP was it from?
    Beatles for Sale
    With the Beatles
    A Hard Day's Night
  • 25
    "I don't _______ to your religion!" Said Ringo. Fill in the blank.

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cgdvehj ( 6.109 )
Posted 284 days ago
this is a terrible told me that i got every question woribng!!!!!!
Donna ( 20.23 )
Posted 300 days ago
The Beatles did not write Helter Skelter about Charles Manson!
It was already written and Manson liked it, it was NOT WRITTEN
about him, check your facts
Andrew Hoag ( 6.232 )
Posted 336 days ago
"Helter Skelter" was not ABOUT a serial killer. It was twisted and adopted BY a serial killer for his own purposes.