What is your esper level?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Kasumi - Developed on: - 4.305 taken

This is a test to see which level you would be if you lived in Academy city from To aru majutsu no index and To aru kagaku no railgun.

  • 1
    Are you lucky on your everyday actions?
    I have my problems but I always solve them.
    I'm usually good.
    Not really...
    About average.
    I always feel that the world is against me>.<
  • 2
    Are you powerful?
    P-Powerful? I'm not that powerful
    I'm very powerful.
    Not all that much.
    I'm powerful but not to kill a person.
    I'm more powerful than you, I guess. (Admin: that's so mean! >.<)
  • 3
    Which one of these people are you most related to?
    Shirai Kuroko!~^^
    I don't know
    Probably Saten-san or Index-chan.
  • 4
    Which Pokèmon (yes, Pokèmon) are you related to?
    Togepi? I guess?
    Probably Mudkip or something.
    None/I don't know.
  • 5
    Some bullies try to hit you, what do you do?
    Call for help! (Admin: that's a good idea!)
    What time is it? It's time to kick butt! (Admin: oh yeah!)
    *flips coin* RAILGUN (Admin: YES YES YES! ^.^)
    I'm with Judgement! (Admin: since when did you join Judgement?)
    Cry. (Admin: really?...>.>)
  • 6
    What do you think about Mikoto and Touma's relationship? (Heh heh heh... I personally ship them)
    Who are they?
    Oh meh gawd! The Railgun's on a relationship!
    W-What? It's not like that! *blushes* (Admin: so you do ship it!)
    NOOOOOO! (Admin: awe, come on!)
    Onee-Sama! ILL KILL HIM! (Admin: you really sound like Kuroko...)
  • 7
    What is your favorite Misaka Mikoto nickname?
    ONEE- SAMA! ^=^
    Railgun! ^.^
    Just Misaka Mikoto.
    Um... I don't know...
    Biri Biri! >.>
  • 8
    Science or Magic?
    I don't know
  • 9
    What are you expecting to get?
    (Sorry if you don't get it! Don't hate me! >.<)
    Level 3
    Level 5
    Level 2
    Level 4
    Level 1
  • 10
    Goodbye! Hope you have enjoyed my test!
    Goodbye, Admin! (Admin: bye! (^.^))
    Farewell! (Admin: hope to see you again soon! ^-^)
    Just give me the results already!(Admin: how rude! >~<)
    Um... Goodbye? (Admin: are you confused or something? (*~*)/)
    Bye bye! (Admin: hope that you get what you wanted! ^.^)

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